Chinese Girlfriend – Add that Wow Factor and Be Successful at Online Dating

Are you interested in finding a Chinese Girlfriend? Do you find online dating interesting? If your answer to both the questions is yes; this article is exactly for you. Online dating is a complicated equation given the distance and logistics and so is dating a Chinese girl because of their cultural difference. Here we have listed a few ways that can help you become successful at online dating with hot Chinese girls and build a wonderful relationship.

Dating Chinese Girl Tips

Finish your Online Profile

To begin with, create an impressive and complete online bio.

Most men overlook this point and believe that creating an interesting profile name will be enough when in reality girls prefer to check out the whole profile before starting to chat with someone. Your profile/bio is your identity in the internet world and incomplete profile often leaves a bad impression on prospective dates. So, before you dive head first into looking for a girl on single dating websites, make time for your bio and be as open on it as possible. Finish it first because later it never happens.

Connect with the Right People

The world of internet is huge, therefore you will find plenty of options and by plenty, we mean thousands of profiles. Talking to each one of them and getting to know them personally will take a lot of time and in fact, will waste a lot of your time. So, before getting on top online dating sites, make a list of characteristics you are looking for. This will help you quickly find the girl you will gel with and start dating without wasting much Chinese girls

Send an Impressive First Message

Most online dating websites give an option for sending a default message; never ever use that. Sending a default message that you do not even have to type shows a lack of interest and effort. If you are looking to make a great first impression, you have to go out of your way and write a poem. Okay, maybe not a poem, but you have to show your efforts and pen down an impressive and detailed first message. Introduce yourself in this message while being in detailed about yourself and less creepy about what you know about the lady you are talking to. If possible, learn how to write pretty lady in Chinese and show the girl on the other side that you are in this with all your seriousness because everyone knows Chinese is one difficult language to master.

Choose your Profile picture Wisely

A profile picture is meant to show the person on the other side that they are dealing with a real human being and that too a decent looking one. Let’s get it straight, looks matter, at least in online dating where you hardly know the person you are talking to. So, find a decent picture of yourself and upload it on the dating website. Good looking Chinese woman would want to look at a decent face before they start talking. Please get rid of random pictures like flowers, a hero or scenery. These won’t do anything to improve your dating arrangement. If you do not have a good picture, click one. Yes, that is how important this point is.

Do not Fake it

An online platform is a tricky place because it becomes very easy to lie and fake when someone is far away from you and cannot find out the truth. Let’s accept it, lying is inherent to humans and lie often either to save themselves in a situation or cast an impression. Northern Chinese women, like any other women, will appreciate honesty from the guy they are talking to. So, never lie about who you are, what you do and how much money you have. This is the tested recipe for a long-lasting relationship. Yes, chances are that you will meet a woman of your kind and move on to the next step in your relationship. You also win a chance to find a nice person and have a genuine relationship.

Be vulnerable

This is tricky advice because being vulnerable on the internet may hurt you, but it is important if you are looking for a serious relationship. Chinese women looking for men will love to meet a guy who is open about his thoughts and is not faking his identity. Start strategically and when you have ensured that you have met someone nice, open up and show your real feelings to impress the lady. Why should you do this? Well, men are generally incapable of expressing themselves, so when a man makes an effort and opens up, girls take it as a good sign and fall straight into love.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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