May 16, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Signs She Wants You to Chase Her

Let’s face it: even now, men are expected to make the first move. The problem is a woman from that China dating website or elsewhere may act like she isn’t interested when she really is. Thinking about Chinese women characteristics, or other single searching ladies, it’s true that women are more likely to attract the opposite sex and so have to have some way to narrow down their potential suiters. They usually like the guys to chase them and show that they are willing to work to be with them, but how do you know you aren’t coming on too strong and she really doesn’t want you to keep chasing her?

Here are some signs she really wants you to give chase:

#1: Running Hot and ColdChinese lady images
Does the lady you met on one of the Chinese dating sites act friendly and flirty but gets cold when you try to act the same way toward her? This “cold front” is just that—a front. She really wants you to keep trying, so go for it!

#2: Quick Response
If she messages you back right away any time during the day, it usually means she likes you. This is a sure sign she wants you to chase her.

#3: Accepting Invitations
If you invite the beautiful woman from the Chinese lady images to coffee and she keeps making excuses, she is probably just not into you. However, if she accepts readily, even canceling something else in the process, she really wants you to pursue her.

#4: Always Looks Her Best
If you notice she looks good whenever you’re around, like she just stepped out of her China sexy girls photo on the dating site, it’s probably not a coincidence. If she makes a point of looking her best around you but not others—if she reminds you of the sexy Chinese women pictures you’ve seen online when you are around but looks ho hum with others—she is definitely interested.

#5: Anything But Superficial
When you are alone, do you have personal, meaningful conversations instead of just what new shows are streaming this month? If so, this is a sign she wants to be more than just friends.

#6: Teasing
Light, good-natured teasing usually means she is comfortable with you—she didn’t like you, she probably wouldn’t bother. It also shows you are past the formal interaction stage and ready to get a little closer.

China sexy girls photo#7: Reaching Out Incessantly If You Go Dark
At some point you might get tired of chasing these Chinese women and just check out for a while. If you go dark and your in box all of a sudden is flooded with messages from her, you know she wants you to keep pursuing her.

#8: Acting Mysterious
Does she give you vague answers when you bring up the topic of dating or if you are alone with her? She is trying to see if you will work to find out more about her. She might also find it romantic.

sexy Chinese women pictures#9: Avoiding the “Big Question”
At some point you might get tired of the games, tell her, “I’ve been searching for a woman like you for a long time,” and directly ask if there is a future there. If she avoids these questions, she probably will eventually say yes, but wants to keep you on the line a little longer.

#10: “Missing You”
If she turns down invites but then says she misses you, this is an obvious sign. If she really missed you, she would have accepted the invitation. She just wants you to keep pursuing her.

#11: Missing Her?
She might teasingly ask if you miss her. The best response is to say yes and ask her out. She has painted herself into a corner and will probably say yes.

#12: Playing Hard to Get
If she is flirting one minute but saying she isn’t interested the next, she is playing hard to get. It’s a sure sign she really is interested after all.