Dating Asian Ladies – A Tightwad for Valentine’s

Dating Asian Ladies – A Tightwad for Valentine’s

On the Annual day of love, Asian ladies around the world get to experience Valentine’s Day differently than the rest. With the traditions being fairly straightforward, gifts are exchanged as a display of affection, whether they are Asian girls or beautiful women across the world. Like any other guy, you would quickly think of flowers or chocolates. However, Valentighting highlights people who find this a bigger ordeal than most. The single Asian girls are more susceptible to being Valentighted when they misinterpret the amount of commitment the other person has to their relationship.

Valentine’s Day in Asian Countries

Around most parts of the world, we usually notice the male majority giving gifts on Valentine’s Day. However, that is not the major case in Japan since the gorgeous Asian girls are the ones buying chocolates for male friends, partners, and colleagues too. In return, men have to reciprocate in March by giving their female friends gifts that are often white in appearance. Even with the yearly celebrations, all one needs is a tightwad to ruin the whole excitement of a Valentine’s Day. However, statistics show that the Valentighting trend is comparatively lower in Asian countries.

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Valentighting – the term

In its simplest form, the term means a person who is a tightwad before Valentine’s Day. They press on breaking up to avoid purchasing a gift, according to Ellen Scott from Metro UK. When it’s an Asian girlfriend dating the man she recently met, they should work towards establishing a healthy relationship that doesn’t break off with something like Valentighting.

How to avoid Valentighting at different stages of a relationship?

Some people prefer to meet an Asian woman online when dating, and with the rate of online dating increasing, more people end up getting Valentighted because they couldn’t understand what the other person intended for their relationship.

Being subject to this experience can affect one’s self-esteem. Valentine’s Day can be particularly stressful for Asian singles who can’t score a date. But for men if they are not good at picking the right gifts it’s not easy at all. They are often too afraid to make a mistake, and this eventually leads to improper planning of the whole day with their significant other. Some people fall prey to Valentighting.

When it is almost official

When you have been only friends, and then you took it to another level, perhaps the better choice would be to keep the date fun rather than overly romantic. Valentighting is not only about being a penny pincher, but it is also about the gift being interpreted as an investment in the relationship.

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Valentine’s Date ideas can work just as well as gifts

  • Pay close attention to her interests and know what she enjoys doing because the chances are that she will enjoy it more with you.  Some people also plan to attend a cooking class together. This not only gives you a good fill-in for conversations, but you also have a meal to make for the next Valentines’ day together.
  • If some of you want to spend the evening in comfortable quiet with the attractive Asian women, one way to do this is by planning a low-key romantic date. You can grab some food, some blankets and bundle up beneath the stars. Women still appreciate it.

Valentine’s for when you’re going steady

When you have been together officially, perhaps you will be able to understand her interests better. Even if this isn’t your first Valentine’s Day together, the relation might still feel new. Usually, there are fewer Valentighting cases at this stage of a relationship, and it is safe to get a little more romantic.

Valentine’s Date ideas:

  • If she likes to keep things exciting and unusual, there is a way to surprise her. You can take her to try salsa dancing lessons and would not matter even if you are new to it since it’ll only make the whole session more fun. Dancing will also give you a chance to hold each other close.
  • You can attend a dinner buffet if having a classic dinner date isn’t something you’d opt for. Perhaps, planning a visit to your hometown might not be a bad idea as well since she will be willing to know more about you. You can easily spend some time stomping around the grounds talking, and this will help you in getting to know each other better.

Valentine’s for when you’re seriously committed

This is the time when you are extremely comfortable with each other, and there is little room for awkward mistakes or the fear of being Valentighted. The options for a date night are as endless as your interests.

Valentine’s Date ideas:

  • Philippine Women,Philippino girl,People plan dates at karaoke bars all the time. Not only will this give you a good time together, but you can also laugh while singing your favorite songs out loud together. Other similar date ideas are considered to be a visit to the botanical gardens or visiting a comedy show, according to Theconversation.
  • Spend this Valentine’s Day as a chance to make memories. Some of the cleverest dates often chart out the next one. You might find this idea everywhere on Pinterest, and there is a good reason for it as well. Women always appreciate the effort, and when you make her a Date Ideas jar, she will be beyond impressed and flattered.

Beautiful Asian ladies often have men lining up to date them, and if one treats them wrong, there is always someone who wouldn’t. The same condition applies to the men being Valentighed even though their numbers are considerably lower. You are supposed to make your intentions clear to her from the beginning. But, if you end up being Valentighted, then it is completely okay to still go out on Valentine’s singles, and best looking Asian women often flock together for a good time without lots of sappy couples around them.


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