Dating Beautiful Asian Girls: Communication Tips to a Happy Relationship

Having a long term relationship with one of the most beautiful Asian girls is a dream of many men. When you are lucky enough to find a gorgeous Asian girlfriend online, keeping your relationship happy and healthy should be something you need to work on as a couple.

These communication tips are keys to achieve and maintain a joyful and harmonious relationship.

Listen Actively

When you are in a relationship, you are bound to face some kind of disagreement with your partner one way or another. You surely know by now the difference between “hearing” and “listening.” Being able to listen to your partner is the key to fully understand what she is saying and how she feels.

When listening to what your other half is saying, be empathetic and try to understand where she’s coming from. Furthermore, whether you choose to date young or mature Asian girls, having arguments is inevitable when you are in a relationship. Thus, you should remember that listening is the only way to cool down any heated bickering.

Understand Your Partner’s Style of Communication

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Before looking for pretty Asian singles online, you probably don’t think about how to handle a conversation, let alone an argument with someone who has a different culture and language as yours. However, all women and men communicate differently.

When you are in a relationship, you must identify and support your partner’s style of conveying her opinions. Most women like to weave and overlap while men are talking. Instead of getting pissed, try to listen and understand her because nothing will be solved when you both want to win a fight that might destroy your relationship.

Think Before Speaking

A lot of relationships are ruined because of hurtful words said on a whim. Although it is truly unavoidable for people to utter undesirable words out of emotion, processing your thoughts in mind before saying anything will do you and your relationship a favor.

When you finally found the one out of all the gorgeous Asian women you met online, the last thing you want to do is ruin your connection with one word you didn’t mean to say.

Make Sure to Add in Humor

Relationships last not only because of love and mutual interests but through a fair share of laughter too. Having good humor not only helps you build a strong connection, but it is also one of the secrets to a happy and lasting relationship. Similarly, the best Asian dating sites also recommend men to bring out their funny, humorous side in order to maintain a blissful relationship.

Practice Positivity

Positivity breathes positivity. Based on an article by Fatherly, research finds that couples who follow a 5:1 ratio of positivity to negativity are more likely to have a happy and healthy relationship. Saying positive words towards one another regularly helps build a stronger connection and may also help pacify arguments.

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Make Contact

Simple gestures such as holding your partner’s hand, kissing her forehead, hugging, or smelling her hair are very powerful. These actions allow you to say a lot to your partner without saying anything at all.

Let your partner know how much you adore her by doing sweet nonverbal gestures. This can help you preserve the spark and make it as strong as when you first met in an Asian dating website.

Take Some Time Together to Just Talk About Your Day

No matter how busy you are with your individual lives, make talking at the end of the day a priority. You may have a conversation about your day over dinner or over a cup of tea before bed. Doing this not only lets you know how your partner’s day was, but it can also be a way for her to open up about any frustrations she might have experienced during the day, and you can somehow make her feel better.

Ask Questions

Being in a relationship for quite some time doesn’t mean you know everything about each other. You will be surprised about the things you are yet to discover about your other half; therefore, ask.

For example, your partner was a blonde Asian girl when you met her but you weren’t able to ask why she chose to have that hair color when you first met. Try to ask her about it, and you might discover something about her you’ve never seen throughout your time of being together.

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Express Your Love Daily

Exchanging “I love yous” never goes out of style. Although it seems a bit monotonous, it is a great way to remind your partner how much she means to you. Happy couples exchange the magic word at least twice a day, before going to work and before going to bed.

Talk About Your Future Together

Some couples plan their futures by looking at calendars, jotting things down on a notepad, and navigating a calculator. On the other hand, other couples talk about their future through meaningful and deep talks. Regardless of how you plan your future together, the fact that you see each other as part of your lives in the coming times speaks a lot about what kind of relationship you have.

Furthermore, this also shows that your partner is the one you want to be with until you grow old, no matter how many pretty Asian women you meet halfway.


You will meet Asian girls online, but there’s only one woman whom you can have a future with. Once you finally found the one who you see as the girl you’ll be waking up beside every morning of the coming years, do not waste your chance and keep in mind the tips mentioned above.


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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