Dating Chinese Babes: Intense Signs of Chemistry that Reveal an Instant Connection

Dating Chinese babes are definitely not only exotic but exciting as well. They are, after all, some of the most beautiful Asians that you can think of. If you want to date one, it’s important that you don’t only know how to start pursuing one but also know the signs that you have a connection. Remember, chemistry is crucial when you want to be on the same page at all times.

If you don’t know what these signs of chemistry are, then take note of these 12 intense signs that she’s not only into you but perfectly compatible with you too.

  1. You Get Comfortable Right Away

Once you feel instantly comfortable around her, it’s a sure sign that you both are compatible. While Chinese women are generally pleasant to be with, if you’re really compatible with a girl, there’s that sense of security, knowing that you’re not being judged, thus allowing you to share the same energy.Chinese woman

  1. You’re Not Afraid to Be Yourself

Another sign is that you don’t have to prove anything to her. You are just being yourself. This is a great sign of chemistry, when both of you are not trying to be someone else. This is because you both are comfortable around each other, allowing you to give her your full transparent self.

  1. You Banter A lot

Before you propose and have a Chinese marriage, make sure that you can banter with your partner. It’s important that you can talk to her freely and effortlessly. If you two are having these amazing, light conversations, then you’re sure that your chemistry is strong.

  1. You Have Intense Eye Contact

You can’t always depend on your online dating profile. If you want to know if your chemistry with a girl is strong, you’ll have to make eye contact. This non-verbal action is a great indicator if you two are a good match. If you happen to gaze into each other’s eyes without feeling awkward or uncomfortable, then you’re definitely compatible.

  1. You Have the Same Humor

When you’re done with staring at Chinese women photos and just itching to find a life partner, remember to not settle on a girl who does not get your humor. If you want to have chemistry, she must be able to laugh at your jokes and vice versa. In this way, you can connect more deeply, allowing you to form a strong bond with her.Chinese beauties photos

  1. You Genuinely Care for Her

If you really have that chemistry, you’ll deeply care for her and vice versa. Being thoughtful should come naturally to you. So, when you’re being a gentleman around her and she’s also being super caring towards you, chances are you have great chemistry together.

  1. You Don’t Notice the Time

You don’t care about looking at sexy Chinese girls pics or Chinese beauties photos anymore as you’re already enmeshed in a bubble with her. Time seems to be irrelevant when she’s with you, and you don’t even care or notice how time flies so fast. When this happens to you, you’re sure that chemistry is there.

  1. You Want to See Her Always

When you are compatible with someone, you’d want to be with her as often as possible. Whether you’re dating a traditional Chinese girl or a Chinese city girl, it doesn’t matter. When the chemistry is right, you really can’t wait to see her again.

This is especially true when you’re still in your honeymoon stage. However, if you’re really compatible with someone, no matter how long you’ve already dated, you’re always excited to see your partner.

  1. You Tease Each Other

This is the same as bantering. When you’re able to tease her, and she is also doing the same, you know for sure that you both are perfect. Not only does humor play a crucial role in keeping a relationship strong but also being able to lightheartedly joke around is essential in boosting your chemistry.

If you’re a couple who has a strong chemistry, you both can easily emit that aura, and most people around can tell that you both are perfect for each other judging from how you tease one another.

  1. You’ll Feel Butterflies in Your Stomach

Chinese marriageIf your stomach is going wild the moment you interact with her, and she does the same too, then it’s clear that you’re both are compatible with each other. Without chemistry, you wouldn’t feel any butterflies at all, so take this as a clear indicator of it.

  1. You Annoy Each Other

To spice a relationship, annoying one’s partner is an effective method. While this is sweet and all, not all can tolerate this. But if you two are always annoying each other and are okay with it, you two really have that connection.

  1. You’re Okay with Silence

A relationship without chemistry is not okay with silence. While it’s true that this can take time, being able to stay silent for a long time without awkwardness is a true sign that you both are compatible.

If you want to know how to get a Chinese girlfriend, it’s not enough to only just start entering the dating scene. You also have to know if you both are compatible from the start so that you can work on strengthening your relationship with her. So, before you enter the dating scene, do take note of the signs provided above; this will not only significantly save you time but also help make dating easier for you.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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