Dress Code For First Date in Summer

So the sweet China girl you have been dating online has agreed to go out on a real date with you, and the question causing you sleepless nights now is, what should I wear? Well, the focus here should be to properly present yourself to a woman who might just be your future wife. As you know that first impressions really matter, it’s important that you dress in a manner that will make your Asian woman understand that you take her seriously.  Here are some helpful tips for men to find proper outfit for the first date with Chinese girls:

1. Wear a respectable outfit for a casual datehow to date a Chinese girl

One of the rules for dating Chinese ladies is to be respectable. Your outfit can tell a lot about you, and sending the wrong message would be an irredeemable mistake. If you plan to have a casual date, it’s okay to allow a relaxed outfit, but not a sloppy one. It will be good if you show up in respectable outfit that’s not dated or tattered.

2. Wear  jacket to a dinner date

In an urban setting, it’s usual for men to wear a jacket during dinner dates or in other evening events. A blazer jacket is ideal for a dinner date, while a sport jacket is perfect for a lunch date. A jacket has long been known to bring out a man’s masculinity. In case it gets hot during the date, it’s okay to take it off. Exotic Chinese women wouldn’t mind actually.

3. Pay attention to your shoes

When looking for tips on how to date a Chinese girl, one of the commonest advices you will get is to mind your footwear. Shoes also say a lot about a person, so it’s imperative that you ensure that your footwear is at least clean. Sure it is even better if they are stylish and functional. Don’t forget, never wear white or light colored socks.

4. Don’t forget to wear cologne

The last thing you would want when on a date with a local Chinese girl is to suffocate her with the pungent smell of sweat. Therefore, it is wise to clean up really nice and ear cologne. It is believed that there are certain scents that under certain conditions can increase a woman’s attraction to a man. While at it, it is advisable that you wear your cologne conservatively and sparingly. Strong scents can be chocking, so use just a little amount.

sweet China girl5. Throw in a stylish accessory

From your chat with Chinese girls, you have probably deduced that these damsels like men who have a sense of style. One better way of adding a sense of style to your personality is incorporating stylish accessories to your outfit. For men, it is not necessary to wear many accessories, as one or two are enough to send a clear message. Whether it is a quality watch, a statement ring or shining cufflinks, pick something that you are sure will elevate your sense of style in the eyes of your Asian woman.

As much as it is important to pay attention to what you wear, from your clothes and shoes to accessories and cologne, it is also important that you be well groomed to accomplish fully your Asian dating mission.  Ensure that your fingernails are short and clean, nose hairs trimmed and if possible, get a wax job on your chest hair. If you want her to get close to you, then these little things are definitely going to matter. In addition to that, don’t forget to carry your manners with you. One of the things that China single ladies hate is a man with no manners. Talk calmly, eat sparingly, drink moderately, argue wisely and most important of all, be yourself.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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