May 16, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Easy Steps to Finding Love with Your Chinese Date

A good percentage of men who date Chinese women do so with a higher purpose in mind which is to find love with her. This is not really as easy as it sounds because you will need to please a Chinese girl far beyond mere words for her to give falling in love with you a consideration. To make life easy for you, you need to understand the etiquette of China girl dating – how they think and their guiding principles in dating. There is no over-emphasis on the role culture plays in the life of a Chinese girl or not. Believe it or not, if you neglect her culture, it will come back to haunt your dating.

Early marriage is a common trait in China

mature-chinese-womenAsian dating is not done for the fun of it like in western countries. This is because mature Chinese women are faced with the pressure of getting married. Another key player here is that unlike in the west, the parents and grandparents of the girl will be keenly interested in who she is dating and they can easily make her change her mind if they are not comfortable with the guy. The reason behind this may be associated with the high value placed on marriage which till date makes them have fewer cases of divorce compared to other parts of the world.

If you desire to find love with Chinese ladies it is very important that you first love her parents and grandparents since they are major key players in this scene. If the parents of your Chinese girl approve you to become a member of their family, the lady will find it easier falling in love with you. This means that as a foreigner looking for love with a Chinese girl, you must go for it with the intention of getting married and show her the signs of your seriousness from the onset.

Understand that you are to be in charge of all decisions

Many foreign men do not yet understand that the Chinese love dating foreign men. If this is not obvious enough then there will be not as much Chinese women online on the various dating platforms. The reason why many foreigners fail to find love among Chinese girls is usually because they date them as if they are dating a western girl.

The west has a way of downplaying their relationships. A guy and a girl who are dating may get to talk to each other a few times every day. In China, it is a reverse case. They will want you to keep in touch and may text too frequently for your comfort that you may even begin to judge them as desperate. You can’t help but get used to it.

Admire and compliment her

chinese-ladiesWhen a Chinese girl is dating, she would want you to make her the center of your attraction. She will judge you by your attitude towards her and what you say to her. For men dating online, Chinese women photos will probably be the spot she will base her judgment. Whenever she sends you a picture, look at it with keen interest. Tell her about her gorgeous pink lips and her beautiful eyes.

You have to be picky in your choice of words while doing this to avoid sending the wrong message. The worst mistake foreign men make when they meet China girls is to show her sexual advances. Sex in China (even among those in serious relationships) is sacred and if she judges that you are in the relationship for sex, the game is up.