Enjoying Halloween With Filipina brides

Enjoying Halloween With Filipina brides

In the Philippines, the Halloween traditions and happenings often start at least a week before October 31 and end the day after November 2. This is the time you can celebrate with potential Filipina brides. Aside from Christmas and New Year, many beautiful Filipino girls anticipate the Halloween festivities.

Most Filipinos visit their deceased loved ones at the cemeteries or memorial parks on November 1 and November 2. The one-week Halloween celebration in the Philippines is not all about visiting the grave site of their dead loved ones.

It is also about meeting their relatives, wearing costumes for Halloween parties, going trick or treating, attending different Halloween events, telling scary stories, and having a horror-movie marathon. 

Halloween 2020

Dating a Filipina – What to Expect

Are you wondering what to expect when dating a Filipino woman during Halloween? Back in the days, the tradition practice was families visiting the tombstones of their loved ones in the countryside. They would then light up some candles, praying for their souls, and spend the rest of the days bonding with their families.

You will see chairs, tables, and tents put up near the grave sites as a place to remember their deceased loved ones, eat, and catch up. If you are invited, do not be surprised if you see bands or radios playing. Some even sing, dance, and play during this time. One of the best things you will probably enjoy is overflowing food. Nevertheless, drinking alcohol on the premises is not allowed. 

Because of Western influence, Filipinos adopted the traditions of celebrating Halloween by having parties or events. Even though there are similarities, celebrating Halloween with hot Filipino women is different in western countries. The Philippines and other western countries consider Halloween a big celebration. However, Filipinos celebrate it differently.

Halloween Celebration Timeline in the Philippines

It is understood that Filipinos do not celebrate Halloween in one night. There are preparations, so the celebration lasts for at least 1 week. Here is the timeline to make you more familiar with how you can make the most out of your Halloween celebration with Philippine women. 

Before October 31

This is the time where families prepare the gravesites of their loved ones in cemeteries. They have the graves repainted, shrubs are trimmed, and the grass cut around the grave. The area around the grave is cleaned and made beautiful. These are usually completed before the influx of people in cemeteries on November 1 and November 2.

If you plan to go to a cemetery with a Philippines girl for marriage, you could bring some flowers and candles. These are the most common offerings to honor their deceased loved ones. 

Halloween makeup

Before November 1

Because November 1 is a special holiday in the Philippines, many Filipinos travel to their hometowns or provinces to commemorate their dead relatives and spend time with their family. Therefore, you can expect to see a lot of people at ports, airports, and bus terminals at this time if you come several days before November 1. 

The peak travel time during this holiday is October 31. This is the day where most employees have a free day from work so that they can make it on time their scheduled trip. If you plan to have a date with a Filipina woman, it will be best to consider another time to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

October 31

On the night of Halloween, several Filipinos will be busy preparing to visit the cemetery on November 1. For potential Filipina brides, you will see them buying candles, flowers, and foods to bring for the next day. Though many prepare beforehand, there are some who buy these the last minute. 

November 1

November 1 is considered All Saints’ Day in the Philippines. This is the day where cemeteries and memorial parks are jam-packed with people from early in the morning until dawn. The peak hours are in the afternoon and evening.

Heavy traffic is expected around these areas. There are also many policemen and other law enforcement officers spread across cemeteries and memorial parks to make sure that the huge crowds will not disrupt peace and order.

November 2

The day after All Saints’ Day is All Soul’s Day. Beautiful Filipino women who do not want to go through large crowds often opt to go on this day. There can still be a lot of people, but the cemeteries are less crowded. Since All Saints’ Day only happens once a year, many families and friends make this like their reunion. 

There is less noise, so it is more peaceful. Often, those who reside and work in the capital travel back to the city to prepare to go back to work the next day. 


Carving pumpkins and doing apple bobbing are not common Halloween activities in the Philippines as is the case in western countries. Nevertheless, you can invite your Filipina date to try the traditional Philippines Halloween with you. She will likely be open to exploring that.

Besides, spending Halloween in the Philippines is also a good way to meet Filipino girls. Better yet, gatherings at cemeteries and memorial parks can be a unique and memorable experience for you.

We hope that you now have better understanding of how you can celebrate Halloween with Philippines women. Though it could be different from the way you normally celebrate Halloween, you will undoubtedly have a blast. 


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