May 16, 2022

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Ethical Non-Monogamy in Philippines Dating

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With every passing year, the concept of ethical non-monogamy is getting popular in Philippines dating. How much do you know about it? Read on!

With every passing year, the concept of ethical non-monogamy is getting popular in Philippines dating. Although the modern dating scene is bringing in new aspects of joy and happiness, there are still some mysteries waiting to be solved. So, have you ever thought of experiencing ethical non-monogamy? Are you curious to know what is meant by consensual non-monogamy? If yes, then let’s find out:

“Ethical Non-Monogamy” in Philippines Dating

Before you get to know about ethical non-monogamy, discover what is monogamy and how does it affect. Monogamy refers to the relationship one person stays with a sexual partner for a certain time period. If he/she gets into another relationship with someone else, the relationship is no longer monogamous. This is where, the term non-monogamy comes in, which refers to having relations with multiple sex partners.

In reality, ethical non-monogamy in Philippines dating requires both parties to understand where they are going and how things would change in their lives.

Having more than one partner is not something that everyone can handle. If you are planning to get into it, you have to evaluate whether you have the guts, strength and mental ability to handle multiple partners and what if one partner doesn’t like the other.

Although statistics show that almost 21.9% people are involved in consensual non-monogamy, they still have to face societal pressure and disrespect. Even, you cannot openly discuss it with anyone- be it your friend, family member, colleague or neighbor- until and unless you are certain that he/she is also interested in such type of relationships.

Ethical non-monogamy is something that requires consent from both partners. If you manage to convince your partner for dating a Filipina woman, things would be a bit sorted because this is the time when you both know what challenges are awaiting for your couple. However, don’t forget to seek help from the surroundings because it will convert your decision into a big success.

In short, ethical non-monogamy is the type of relationship where people are involved after negotiation and upon their consent.

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Kinds of Ethical Non-Monogamy

Don’t think that ethical non-monogamy is simple and you just need consent of your partners to enter a new one. Here are some of its kinds that exist under its umbrella:

  • Open Relationship: One partner is always open to make relationships with other people who are interested to communicate openly and evolve this partnership over time.
  • Swinging: This type of ethical non-monogamy happens when couples admire the idea of dating Philippines and exchange their partners. This relationship involves parties, clubs, partners, friends etc.
  • Polyamory: When you want to dive into the idea of Philippines dating and get to experience its pleasure, making open relationships with multiple people is what makes things romantic and sexual. The best part about this relationship is that it establishes ethical communication where every individual knows what is happening.

Ethical Communication is the Secret to Success in Philippines Dating

If you are interested in trying out ethical non-monogamy with Filipino women, then don’t forget to start with good communication. Like for a business deal to be successful, you have to pay attention on your body language and things you would like to initiate the conversation with. Needless to say, try to be open, honest and show emotions so that other people can find reasons to take interest in you.

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Other than that, here are some key rules or methods that can help to convert your casual communication into a romantic and joyous relationship:

  1. Start by sharing mundane experiences and see how your listener would respond. Always talk causally and keep the conversations small. Discuss insignificant or unnecessary happenings in your day and let the listener to find interest in them. Doing so will leave strong emotional signals that will bind two people in one relationship. Studies have also proven that talking about mundane experiences is the key to leaving a huge impact on relational health that grows with the passage of them and bring people together.
  2. Don’t forget to listen to the other side. As soon as you are done with your topics, give your time to the other person. Show the same level of interest as she has shown and let her say her heart out. But, never judge because a sexy Filipina woman wants to be heard before she allows someone to touch her.
  3. Always admire and appreciate how the other partner has been in the relationship. Tell her how happy and satisfied you are after getting into this ethical non-monogamy.

Seek Support for Ethical Non-Monogamy

There is nothing hidden from relationship counselors or therapists. They are well aware of how dating works in Philippines and how partners used to communicate with each other. They can make Philippine dating easy and full of happiness because they just encourage partners to be honest and open with each other. When the partners know everything about each other, things will be a lot easier to handle while being in an ethical non-monogamy.

Although, you may find this idea a bit weird as you will have to discuss your love life with a complete stranger but, there is no denial in saying that Philippine women take some time to allow their men to establish such relationships. So, it’s better to take help from someone knowledgeable and try to figure out how to promote ethical non-monogamy, especially among Philippines brides so that they can be aware of the concept from the beginning and don’t take time to accept it when their men ask for it.