Ever Dated Tall Asian Women? Here’s Your Unique Chance

There is a common misconception that all Asian women are short, and encountering tall sexy Chinese girls is something out of the extraordinary.

We wouldn’t say that this statement is entirely false. In reality, having a tall Chinese girlfriend is not science fiction – though finding one can be a rather herculean task.

But don’t worry, we took it upon ourselves to find single and beautiful Chinese women who are at least 168cm and above (considering that the average height among mature Chinese ladies is below 159cm, you can only imagine how many hours it took us to compile a list of three tall Asian women!).

The best part is that all of them are single and ready to mingle (you better not miss this chance!).

Helen, 42

mature Chinese ladiesHelen is one of those mature Chinese ladies who don’t look their age… at all! (Makes you wonder what the secret behind their age-defying looks is…).

Helen, a slim and tall Chinese lady, is looking for a man who can give her three “special things”: trust, loyalty, and love. This gorgeous woman is one of those sexy Chinese women who have an independent mind and rely on themselves.

Helen is a divorced mother who doesn’t confine herself to motherhood. When Helen isn’t raising her kids and not working, she loves to watch movies, go parachuting, mountaineering (basically, she enjoys all exciting types of sports!), and horseback riding.

Yep, even Helen describes herself as a “wild character,” and we can clearly see why! This woman rocks! It turns out that being tall is not the only unique thing about Helen that makes her stand out from the crowd of traditional Asian women on the most popular dating sites.

Love to feel the excitement of life, just like Helen? Then you may have just passed the first phase of the compatibility test. In order to pass the second one, contact Helen!

Sunny, 26

traditional Chinese womanWhy has it become so sunny here all of a sudden? Oh, we know why: meet Sunny, a traditional Chinese woman whose alluring presence (and height!) makes it impossible to not notice her (or resist the temptation to chat with her).

Luckily, this cute Chinese girl is open to communication as she signed up on AsiaMe and is currently single! Sunny is all about self-improvement, progress, and being fit.

How does Sunny maintain her enviable figure? Swimming. How does this gorgeous Asian woman aspire to self-improvement to become a better version of herself? Books and traveling. It’s pretty simple, and yet that’s all she needs to be happy.

Are you the man who can share that happiness with Sunny and bring more rays of sun into her lonely life? Sunny is looking for a man who knows how to treat women with respect and will never get bored of her. If that sounds like you, start thinking of a creative way to introduce yourself to her in a live chat on AsiaMe.

Don’t just introduce yourself with those “Hi!” or “Hello!” that leave hundreds of men ignored. Come up with something more creative and personalized (Sunny’s dating profile will certainly give you a few clues).

Nora, 20

Chinese girlfriend Ladies and gentlemen, we might have a perfect girlfriend / wife standing in front of us (well, not literally standing, but you get the point). First of all, Nora loves doing massage. Second of all, she enjoys doing housework and keeping her house clean and tidy.

Third of all, Nora will be a naughty Chinese girlfriend who likes to tease her man… Do we even need to say more? Isn’t it everything a man is looking for in a perfect girl?

As if the “perfect wife” package wasn’t convincing enough, Nora is also a tall and athletic Asian girl who cares about her looks and exercises to maintain her lean physique. Jogging, running, swimming, yoga… You name it – Nora does it all!

Above all, Nora isn’t the type of girl who cares about money. Instead, she is focused on traveling. Last but not least, Nora is a generous girl who helps people in need. We did mention that she is a perfect girlfriend, or didn’t we?

But you know the drill: women like Nora are like iced lemonade on a hot day: everybody wants them. Don’t hesitate to send her a message while she’s single!single women online


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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