May 16, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Filipina Girls or Thais – Which Category is perfect for Dating?

Thai vs. Filipina

While men dating styles are quite similar, the responses of women are not. The same women will respond differently to an approaching guy using the same style. Well, Thailand girls and Filipino girls have not been left behind as far as being different is concerned. These are two completely different species with so little in common. From their body structure to their way of dating, both draw a clear cut line. Of course, they have something in common, but the differences outweigh the similarities.

Filipino girls

The differences

  • Body

This is the first major difference. If you want to marry a Thai girl in Thailand, you will realize that her skin is darker compared to that of Filipina. The Thai girl is probably skinnier that the usually plump Filipina. It would be a mistake not to mention the height factor. The Filipinas generally have short heights. The average Filipina girl will go to highs of 4’ 11’’. Not to be misunderstood, Thai girls are short too, but the Filipinas are no match for their height. About the eyes, Thai girls have much narrower eyes compared to their Philippine counter parts. Most men consider Filipinas cuter that Thais.

  • Dressing

Do you prefer the type of woman who dresses up for you? Then you are better off with Tiland girls. In Thailand, little money does not translate to poor dress codes. The girls are magazine models look alike, clean and styled. Thai girls generally spend good money making sure they look beautiful. Filipina hot chicks choose a different road here. They are not exactly dressers. They are generally wife materials who prefer saving. Filipinas look comfortable spending on the ‘important’ things- like food.

  • Tiland girlsSexual appetite

The Filipinas are angels who know quite little about sex (or at least pretend not to know). They are shy about sex and say no when you ask publicly. But take them to bed and boy don’t they get it! Once you are in some private place, you have to switch to your highest gear. Filipinas are a new breed of fast learners in bed, and you can be sure to get some of the best techniques in no time. You actually have to tell them you are done since they seem to continue forever. Thai women seeking marriage are also endowed but not quite. The good thing is that they are not so shy to say yes. They look they are faking it. But then again, that may be exactly what a man dating traditional Thai girl wants.

  • Public affection

This is one of the few places you do not want to mess up when it comes to Thai girls. Thou shall not hold or kiss her in public. Public display of affection (PDA) is quite unusual in Thailand. The Filipinas are much better with PDA. The idea of kissing and holding in public is new but fairly well accepted in Philippines. Filipinas do not loath it with the same passion as the Thais does. A man seeking Asian sexy women is better off kissing a Filipina in public than kissing a Thai.

The similarity

Thai girls and Filipinas are obviously different. You see it before you throw the first line. Dating any of the above girls will lead you to two very different adventures, but you can be sure that both are sweet adventures. Most agree that the most common thing about Thai and Filipina women seeking man is their bedroom activity. Both girls are extremely good in bed. The Filipinas may score a point higher, but the Thais explode with almost equal volcanic energies.