May 16, 2022

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Filipino Online Dating Tips: How Attraction Works

Filipino online dating tips
Whoever are you attracted to, you could use some Filipino online dating tips to help you understand (and process) attraction.

The attraction is the action of evoking interest in someone with multiple effects and characteristics that vary from one person to another. Depending on who are you attracted to, you could use some Filipino online dating tips to help you understand (and process) attraction. While we will never understand attraction 100%, there are a few factors that apply to most cases. If you learn them, you will have a high chance to develop a relationship with the person you are attracted to.

How Does Attraction Work?

You will find every single Filipina online attractive but there are some that you will like more than others. Dr. Fisher at Rutgers expressed her belief that attraction is associated with the brain pathways that control the “reward” feeling in the brain. For that reason, the early stages of a relationship are usually intense. Dopamine, also known as the “happy hormone” is produced in the brain when we are in love, which makes us experience happiness even with the smallest things. We feel euphoria and elation around people we love and when the hypothalamus produces surplus amounts of it, the norepinephrine is also produced, which can cause a lack of quality sleep and a loss of appetite. For that reason, many people lose appetite and don’t sleep well when they fall in love.

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What Do We Find Attractive?

Since attraction is not a specific number or shape, it cannot be defined exactly why we feel attracted to one person and not the other. For example, you may meet Filipino women that are equally beautiful but you will instantly feel more attracted to one of them. Nigel Barber, an Irish-American biopsychologist stated that typically, humans are attracted to those who exhibit signs of health like good skin or facial symmetry. However, these aspects are not definitive. The tone of voice, sense of humor, behavior, smell, and body language are other characteristics that people find attractive, apart from emotional and mental attraction, of course.

Handling Attraction to Someone

Filipina brides are stunning so you shouldn’t be surprised that you feel attracted to more than one of them. The beautiful physical features and personality traits of these women make men fall in love with them quickly. It gets difficult to control all those compliments but sometimes, it’s the best thing to do. You should know how to behave when you like someone. If you fail to do so, you can seem very annoying or even creepy. Your intentions could be good but the lady you like could misinterpret them.

How to behave when you feel attracted to a girl on a Philippine dating site?

1.Don’t assume she likes you too soon
Dating a Filipina woman begins with intense attraction as these ladies are difficult to resist. You may feel connected to her immediately and think that she feels it too but you may be wrong. Don’t assume that she likes you back just because you like her. You need to take some time and approach her nicely and kindly, just like you talk to anyone else. Of course, there is a small difference as you will be politer and charming than you usually are.

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2.Compliment her but not too much
In Philippines dating, compliments are very welcomed but you should not exaggerate. Every girl will like it if you tell her that you are mesmerized by her beauty or that you really like her new photo. However, if you keep talking about it and showering her with nice words, it will lose the meaning eventually. Save your compliments for a while and share them after you know each other better. That way, she will know that you care about her personality as well, not only about her looks.

3.Be slightly mysterious
When you are dating Philippines women, you feel like you can be yourself with them completely and that’s correct. However, you shouldn’t reveal too much at the beginning. Women like to decipher their crushes so you should drop some hints and talk about yourself just enough to intrigue her. If you say everything about your life when she doesn’t have feelings for you (yet) then there won’t be anything else about you to explore and women are the best romantic explorers!

4.Be straightforward
If you like a lady from the Philippines, don’t pretend to be indifferent. It’s one thing not to say too much and another thing to pretend you don’t like her. She will interpret your indifference as a sign that you dislike her and you could ruin all your chances with the girl you are attracted to! Therefore, make her feel that you have some feelings for her but not that you are crazy in love. It may sound complicated but it’s not. Simply give her as much love and affection as she gives you; with a little difference that you are supposed to take an initiative so you can drop a few compliments now and then.

5.Take some time to get to know her
Even if you think that the girl you met is your future Filipina wife, don’t rush. Every relationship needs time to develop and you need to get to know each other so you can make important steps in your relationship. When you are attracted to someone, they seem perfect to you. You look over your differences and tolerate everything. After some time, all the things you ignored start coming to the surface. To avoid that, you need to be sure that you truly know your girl so you can plan your future together. If you start talking about serious plans instantly, you can scare her away.