First date with Chinese women? Look for these red flags before you make a decision

Chinese women are as special as they are beautiful. If you are lucky enough to be on a first date with her, you have to be aware of certain red flags to spot whether she is going to be good for you or not. Don´t panic just yet, we got you covered on this (and many other things). Read on, understand each of these red flags and act upon them immediately

What are red flags in a first date?

If you are in the look for Chinese brides for only some fun, you still have to be aware of these indicators of a terrible immediate or long-term future. But what are these “red flags” we are speaking about? They are indicators about certain behaviors that can tell you whether that person is going to be toxic for you or if it is going to be a great someone to share with. These indicators come in many shapes but most men choose to ignore them in order to have a successful first date with a beautiful lady. If you choose to ignore them, you might be in for a terrible time or even worse, a toxic relationship. Look for these red flags from moment zero and be brave enough to act upon them immediately.marrying a Chinese woman

These are the red flags you should look for and avoid

When looking for a Chinese wife, you have to give special consideration to these alerts that can come up during the first date. Pay attention to these common signs and act upon them immediately.

She doesn´t listen to you or ask any questions

This is a huge no-no not only when marrying a Chinese woman, for everyone in the world. Regardless of the genre and the moment of the relationship, if someone is not listening to you, it is time to question their interest in your life and persona. A good listener is always the best bet when trying to sustain a relationship in time and can be spotted from day zero. If she doesn´t ask questions (even simple ones), put the whole thing on hold and ask yourself if she´s the person you want to be with in the near future.

She is on her phone all night

This is something that no Chinese lady looking for husband will do if she has her future sitting opposite to her on the table. It is not only a show of lack of interest; it is also rude to be doing that to other people regardless of your relationship with them. If she is on her phone all night you can consider that she is more comfortable talking to others than to you. For example, taking a selfie and sharing it to Instagram right away is not a bad thing, but answering all the DMs she gets for it is not appropriate. Look out for this before it really becomes an issue.

Chinese bridesManners, manners, manners

This is something that applies to you too. If you are interested in how to date a Chinese girl, one of the first things that everybody is going to say to you is watch your manners a lot, since she will be paying special attention to that. On the other hand, you should be doing the same. Sometimes it might be related to not being interested in etiquette or a different set of behaviors she was raised with, but most of the times it is a symptom of lack of interest. Use perfect manners with her and expect her to do the same with you.

Punctuality and communication

These two are major signs of interest and also about how much she cares about others in general. It is OK to be late to the first date because something happened to you. It is not the end of the world as long as you have communicated to the person waiting for you that you are not going to be there on time. Whenever you meet Chinese girls and date them be precise on your communication about this issue and expect the same thing back to you. Punctuality and communicating when you are not accomplishing it is a definite must.

She doesn´t show up alone

Jay Z did this to Beyoncé in their first date and, despite the fact that they have been married for ever, he recognizes that it was a terrible move. If she doesn´t show up alone to the first date, you can expect very little interest in you from her side. Another reason might be that she is too shy or afraid of being with you alone in a date, which can be understandable. If this is the case, she should let you know about it before you go on the date and don´t just show up with someone else without telling you about it. Even when you are on a Chinese dating website, this information has to be shared with you beforehand.


Dating single Chinese women can bring immense joy to your life and can also be a tricky endeavor. These red flags that might come up in the first date need your full attention to avoid any kind of future disasters in your relationship. Pay attention, act immediately and stay emotionally and mentally sound while loving a Chinese girl that is for you.asian girls


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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