Five Ways Men Creep Woman Out: Avoid these Behaviors when Dating Thai Women

Do you find yourself searching Thai dating sites, hoping for possible success with online dating? Have past dating experiences or disappointments have you seeking the attention of the typically more docile characteristics of these women from different dating websites?

While we encourage dating websites and understand the desire to date hot Thai women, the previous problems might be in actions you may have be exhibiting. Sometimes, since communication over the internet can be misinterpreted, unknowingly you might be coming off as a creep. You might be coming of creepy although you were trying to be romantic.

Dating Thai Women

We’ve identified Five Behavior Errors that a lot of men make especially on online dating websites. If you can identify that you have displayed these types of behaviors, it might be time for a change in behavior, not dating sites or dating chat sites.

1. Stalker Behavior

If you find yourself going out of your way to find out information about a potential date, attempting to seek out personal information, attempting accidental “meetups” because you know her schedule, this is stalker behavior. What you might perceive as trying to be thoughtful and inquisitive about girls from Thailand, can come off as super creepy, especially if you have gathered data without her talking to you about it.

2. No, Really!

Being persistent or what you may perceive as continuing with resilient romantic gestures after a woman has firmly said “No,” is being creepy. If a woman has commented a definite lack of interest, its better to let time and space change her beliefs instead of you trying to force her. Beautiful Thai women may be shyer in being forthright about their feelings, do not attempt to force any feelings before your lovely Thai woman has expressed equal interest. Slow and steady is the way to win a true lovely companion.

3. Being Overly Forward

People who might not be aware of their extroverted self can come across as being forward when attempting on-line communications. Some definite creepy forward behavior includes sending unsolicited graphic pictures, uninvited sexual innuendos, and explicit suggestions.

While men are visual creatures and may welcome all the Thai pics of women and graphic suggestions they can receive, women are more mental by nature; thus, appealing to her cerebral side will win you more points behavior that could be considered perverted and creepy.

girls from Thailand

4. Too Romantic, Too Soon

Everyone experiences the heady sensation of the first few days of truly connecting with someone, but when meeting attempting to use online services and Thai dating app, rushing into the emotional swing of things can send up warning flags and scare your love interest away.

Instead of attempting to woo a mate with flowery words of heady love, if you have to express your feelings, use simple general statements. An appropriate thing to say with out coming off creepy would be, “I’m excited to learn more about you.” This statement is enough to let Thai girls know your intentions are in for the long haul without seeming needy or desperate.

5. Showing Off

While in Asian cultures one is expected to be successful and be able to provide for one’s family if for no other reason than keeping up appearances and earning a stable reputation. However, success should be mentioned in casual conversation. People who are constantly bragging about all their accomplishments and abilities come off creepy and fake.

If a woman is interested in you, she will ask about all aspects of your life. It is only when asked that is permissible to modestly boast certain acclaims. Social status is important in Asian life, so if your Thai beauty is truly interested, she will ask.  If you remember the previous tips, then creepy, forward, and inappropriate advances can be avoided.


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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