May 16, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Five ways to impress a Chinese girl on a date

Dating women could be a fraught experience especially the first few meet ups. Chinese women are not as easy as some people might think. The question isn’t only about dating Chinese babes and getting hooked for good, it’s about “impressing” them especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship. You may think of throwing on the charm that always works for you, spend money on the Asian beauty and well – you’re just good to go! Yes, this can totally work. But chances are, you will end up meeting a Chinese girl who only sees your money & expects you to spend on her and buy her pricey gifts. And if you DARE to turn off your treasure faucet on your hot Chinese babe, she will run away calling you every name you can think of. Well, hold on, there are better ways to impress Chinese beauties and start a solid, serious relationship.

chinese-beautiesBe Less-Conventional

First things first. Don’t be too traditional with her. A formal dinner, a movie and then a formal farewell. Expect no call from her. Reason? Because that’s what everyone else is doing! This comes with a lot of awkwardness. Be easier and less conventional. How about having coffee together? Less preparations and less expectations. This way, the ambiance will be “less” charged. The two of you will feel more relaxed and have more fun without those usual meet-up expectations.

Don’t try to be too ‘impressive’

OK, now that you have decided on the location, it’s time to think of how to go about the whole thing. Your Chinese lady probably has heard enough rap of how ‘cool’ foreigners are. Don’t try too hard to impress her. The less you try to be impressive, the more your Chinese girl will get into you. It’s better to be a listener & let her do more talking. But don’t be too dull. You should sound both interesting & interested in her.


Don’t be too much of Mr. Goody Pants

Be a little mischievous. Gone are the “extreme-gentleman” days. Give her naught remarks and leave her wondering if you really said that. But be careful – don’t overdo it. With Chinese girls looking for substance in men, it might turn her off too. You have to balance mischief with decency. Don’t forget to show her how impressed you are with her beauty &looks. If you act different, it leaves them wondering about the kind of guy you are. Curiosity is a plus sometimes.

A little firmness is good to go

No doubt, Chinese girls have a lot of admirers. So if you are into impressing the hot lady, you should stand out. But believe me, some of them test their foreigner daters to judge how firm they are. Don’t give in to everything she says. On the other side, Chinese women looking for men rate them more if they find out they have more admirers. Be subtle and let them know you have options too. You will be surprised at your Chinese girl’s response.

Respect her traditions & family bounds

If you get to know a Asian Chinese girl, you will find out they are a bit more family bound than westerners. Respect her family traditions. Try to get to know her family as well. Sound genuinely interested in her folks. It might boost the possibility of a better relationship with her. Another important thing is “integrity”. Chinese highly respect honesty. If you are seriously interested in your Chinese lady, then you are expected to be honest with her and above all, prove to her that you are a man of honor!