Get Out of Dating Comfort Zone: Mingle with Thai Singles

Get Out of Dating Comfort Zone: Mingle with Thai Singles

Are you ready to spice up your dating life by meeting the greatest Thai singles available? Whoa! Might be your first reaction. The thought of dating someone from another country and stepping into the international dating arena might seem a little intimidating at first, but you only live once, and it could be one of the best experiences of your life.

There are plenty of reasons why Westerners have sought the companionship of women from the exotic Asian counties for centuries. Traditionally, it has been because they have sought to find the perfect wives as most Asian women are stereotypically known as ideal homemakers. In fact, Thailand mail order brides are still in high demand.

However, in your case, it’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the many treasures that await you when you date a Thai beauty. To help you be successful on your dating venture, we have offered you a few helpful dating tips.

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Learn How to Greet

In the U.S., when meeting someone for the first time, it is common to shake their hand, or if you feel comfortable or bold enough, to give that person a roomy hug of hello. This type of greeting is socially acceptable by most standards and is considered a very friendly greeting. If. however, you were to attempt this form of greeting in Thailand, beautiful Thai girls would give you a very odd look at best.

Clasping hand as in a handshake is similar to holding hands and is considered very intimate, and hugging is primarily reserved for behind closed doors. It is important to understand that Thai people are a very reserved and private culture by nature. This public display of intimacy upon first meeting might not go over well with your date. If you accidentally bumped heads during your casual hug, this would be even ten times worse, as this is considered a high insult.

Therefore, it essential that you are aware of the proper Thai greeting, which is called the Thai wai, a simple, slight bow at the waist that shows respect.

Ask and Learn about the Thai Culture

You might never have learned about the Thai greeting had others not studied the Thai culture previously and shared their experiences, so that is the next bit of advice. If you want to make a good impression with hot Thai women, attempt to learn something of Thailand’s history and culture prior to your visit. The worst thing you can do is offend your date because of simple ignorance that could have been avoided.

A lot of cultural information can be found on Thai dating sites. For example, it might be helpful to know the two traditional religions of Thailand are Hinduism and Buddhism, both of which have deep-seated root beliefs in nature, spirits, and folklore.

Being an attentive listener and focused on your date is also important, so this is an ideal moment to learn more about her culture. By asking her culture-specific questions you are showing an avid interest in her.

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Try a New Change of Scenery

If you can actually plan a vacation to Thailand for your summer holiday, you will be pleased to find several Thai women seeking men to date. One of the ways to ensure some of these lovely ladies aren’t simply after the American dollar is by incorporating your dates with your sightseeing.

Thailand is visited by millions of tourists annually because it is one of the most beautiful and exotic places on the planet. If you want to stray from the typical restraint date, plan an outdoor date at one of the many beaches and islands Thailand is known for. Your date might encourage you to visit one of the many street markets that line the capital city of Bangkok, which should not be missed, but perhaps not a date destination.

However, if you feel you have met someone fun and compatible using a Thai dating app, then trust her to show her the secret sites. Ask her to show you her favorite spots. Again, this is about you stepping out of your comfort zone and letting someone else hold the reigns one afternoon might be a welcomed blast.

pretty asian girlsAttempt Cooking Thai Cuisine

If you are lucky enough to gain a second date, and things feel “right” with your new Thai beauty, one way you might attempt to impress her is by suggesting the two of you stay in and attempt cooking a traditional Thai meal. You can explain how your love for the culture, your desire to pamper her, and your longing for a creative way for a more intimate conversation inspired the idea.

In a poll of single women dating currently, 80% of them agreed that men who can cook are sexy because it shows a duality in personality; a mastery of culinary techniques and a nurturing outlet to serve others. This unique date will show your Thai love interest that you put forth thought behind planning this date; you have a creative side, and you are serious about getting to know her better.


Summer is quickly approaching. Aren’t you tired of the same online dating women you see throughout the year? Aren’t you tired of the well-intentioned friends, the late-night bars, and the simply staying home out of exhaustion? Isn’t it time to do something spontaneous, something fun, and wonderful, just for yourself, and possibly have the most successful relationship of your life? Step out of your comfort zone this summer, follow our dating guide, and visit beautiful Thailand; it’s time to treat yourself!


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