January 18, 2022


International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Getting sexy Chinese girls is easy during Lantern Festival

Don’t even try yourself at Asian dating if you don’t know squat about China’s Lantern Festival. The holiday is celebrated on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month (somewhere between February 5 and March 7).

 Chinese girls onlineThis year it was celebrated on February 22. And if you’re planning to go looking for a sexy Chinese wife next year, do it on February 11 – the time of the Lantern Festival – when Chinese women are in a festive mood and want new experiences and adventures.

In fact, the Lantern Festival ends with China’s most important festival, Spring Festival, which means beautiful Chinese women are in the mood for romantic relationships. So it’s your best chance to go on some Chinese dating site, create a profile and start looking for Chinese girls online around that time.

And when you stumble across some Chinese beautiful girl photo, make sure you initiate a chat with her, as Chinese women love it when men take it upon themselves to start chatting. A simple ‘Hi’ will surely suffice to get you started.

But before starting that chat with a Chinese girl, keep in mind that when chatting with girls of another culture, there may be some language and cultural gaps and barriers. So if your goal is to find a sexy Chinese girl online, be passionate about Chinese culture.

And to get you started on that, let’s review some of the key features of China’s Lantern Festival. And when you know at least something about it, don’t be afraid to discuss the festival with your Chinese girl and ask her questions about it.

The thing about Chinese women is that they are passionate about their culture and they can talk for hours about their traditions and cultural features. The only thing left to do for you is to learn to be a good listener! This is why we’ve recommended earlier to be passionate about Chinese culture. Otherwise, don’t bother to impress a Chinese girl.

So now that we’ve established that, remember the following: China’s Lantern Festival is always accompanied by lighting lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, eating tangyuan (ball-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice flour), and lion dances.

So next time you visit China and you see a dancing lion, don’t think that you’re going crazy, it’s only the Lantern Festival in China!

Now, let’s say you’ve agreed to meet a Chinese woman

you found on some dating website. And let’s say it happens during the Lantern Festival. That becomes a bit of a problem, because transport is under stress from Spring Festival return traffic.

And besides accommodation in China around that time may be a bit too expensive. But if you manage to deal with these things, you’ll surely be rewarded by getting a chance to meet Asian brides.

For China women, dating is all about finding their true love, and if it happens on the Lantern Festival day, imagine her excitement! Chinese girls are raised to be caring and loving women with the help of fairy tale stories. So become that prince for your Chinese girl she has been looking for her entire life and never disappoint her!

Various Chinese dating sites offer you to chat with Chinese women. But since even sexy Chinese girls can be shy, it’s best to first make her feel comfortable chatting with you. Don’t push her about video calls or worse, a face-to-face meeting, too early in the conversation.

Make her feel good around you, don’t forget to compliment her cute facial features, long legs, white complexion and long eyelashes (those are the things Chinese women are proud of), and never don’t you ever stop listening to what she says or lose enthusiasm when discussing Chinese culture.