May 16, 2022

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Gift Ideas for Your Chinese Girlfriend(Updated 2021)

gifts for Chinese girlfriend

If you are a western man who has or wishes to have a Chinese girl for dating or marriage, you might be wondering what kinds of gifts Chinese girls like to receive from their boyfriend or husband. Generally, Chinese women are not selective however you can find some unique and special gifts that are particularly suitable for the Chinese woman.

Gifts are a fantastic way to commemorate a birthday, a holiday, and an anniversary. If you have a Chinese girlfriend, it is romantic to send her a gift which you have selected yourself, especially if the gift shows that you understand her interests and personality.

When selecting gifts for Chinese girlfriend, bear in mind that the sentiment behind the gift is more important that the actual gift. If you plan to send a costly gift, be sure to add a handwritten note that’ll put a smile on her face. It is important that you remember the important dates, such as her birthday and the day you first met each other.

If you are having a long distance relationship such as online dating, then be sure to send your girl a gift on these important dates. Doing so will let her know that she has been on your mind and that you wish to be physically with her during the said event. If you have an idea of what your girl wants, then selecting a gift for her will not be difficult. However, there is no harm in asking her what she would like to get for her birthday or some other event.

Note that certain holidays which are typically celebrated in America and other western countries are not celebrated in China and other Asian nations. If, for example, you currently reside within the United States and Thanksgiving Day is approaching, it is a good idea to send your girl a gift telling her you appreciate having her in your life. You should do this for all other religious celebrations and other occasions that you celebrate in your country.

Chinese Gift Etiquette You Should Know

  • People from China have a liking for things which are not readily available in China. For instance, hand-made items which are produced in your country are highly cherished
  • Gifts are a very important aspect of building relationships in China. Thus, if you plan on visiting your Chinese woman, be sure to take a gift with you.
  • The Chinese typically do not open presents when they get them. Thus, unless your Chinese girl insists, you should not immediately open a present given to you.
  • The Chinese will turn down a present 2 or 3 times before accepting. Thus, do not quit after the first try, however be sensitive to authentic refusals.
  • When your Chinese girl sends you a gift, do not send her a thank you card. The proper way to let her know you appreciate the gift is by sending her a gift in return.
  • Do not send your Chinese girl things like scissors or knives. This is because such items suggest breaking a relationship.
  • In Chinese culture, it is considered as unlucky to give someone a clock as a present. This doesn’t apply to watches, only clocks.
  • If you love your Chinese woman, you can purchase a belt for her, as it indicates that you wish to hold her forever. Wallets and watches are also great gifts for lovebirds. Conventional western “love presents” such as roses and chocolate are increasing in popularity.

Remember, when selecting gifts for your Chinese girlfriend, your most important consideration should always be the message conveyed by the gift.