Hot Chinese Women Reveals the Photos Every Dating Profile Should Have

Are you one of those guys who are into dating Asians like hot Chinese Women? If so, then visiting dating sites is probably one of your ways to score a date with one. To those who are on online dating sites, while it’s a good idea to go on an actual date, being on these platforms isn’t half as bad. As you’re still starting, being on these online platforms will not only let you meet hot Chinese girls but will also make establishing yourself easier.

However, not everyone of us is able to score a date on online dating sites. If you’re looking for a bride in Chinese online dating sites yet can hardly land on a date, then you’re probably doing something wrong with your profile. It’s said that impressing a potential date nowadays only takes a few seconds, so if your profile is not eye-catching to begin with, then don’t even think about chatting and asking for Chinese women pics when your profile isn’t ready yet. Don’t know how to do this? Below are 3 types of photos that every online dating profile should have:

hot Chinese girlsThe Importance of Online Dating Profiles

Today, online dating platforms have been the trend, so it’s not surprising why the number of people visiting these sites increases every day. Though it has a lot of advantages, the downside here is that everything seems to be quick. It literally takes a few seconds for someone to assess your profile, so this can either make or break your love life.

This is why quality photos should be considered in your profile, especially when you’re searching Chinese girls for marriage. High-quality photos of you are one of the surest ways to attract someone. However, do note that while quality photos are important, you should also know which quality photos you should include.

To transform your dating profiles into their better versions, start by uploading these 3 must-have photos:

  1. Close-Up Headshot

This is the most important photo that you should upload. This is because the face value is immediately one of the first aspects people will notice in your profile. They would want to clearly look at your face so that they can assess if you fit their preferences.

Make sure that you include a flattering and clean close-up photo of you, up to the bust would do. It doesn’t have to be professional-looking as you’re not looking for a job and not too rigid for you to appear awkward and less fun. Instead, try smiling. If you’re not the smiley type, you can post serious photos. However, do note that smiling in photos gets more likes and attention.

Smiling makes you look engaging and fun, thus allowing them to think that you’re approachable. This is a good tactic when attracting pretty Chinese ladies. Avoid using flash in your photo as this will make you appear older and try to avoid filters too as this will appear too edited. Instead, go outside and look for a place that has natural lighting.

Lastly, make sure that the lens focuses on you and not the background. In this way, the photo will be appealing and not distracting; the background should only be a complementing aspect, and you should be the focal point. For the clothes, they should blend well with the background so that the overall photo would look pleasant to the eyes.Chinese women pics

  1. Full Body Shot

While a close-up shot is important, a full-body picture is also equally necessary when you’re attracting a potential date. Like most of us, Chinese women are particular with the body type as well. Let’s be real; you’d prefer to see the body type of the attractive Chinese woman you’re eyeing too, right? So, to establish transparency, include a full body photo that is not heavily edited.

The body size and height is just as important as the face value, so while it’s a tricky shot to take, giving your best full body photo is highly encouraged. It may seem difficult, especially when you’re used to close-up shots. However, there are some easy ways that you can follow that will already make a difference.

For instance, to look more appealing, pose as naturally as possible and have a more open body language. Don’t slouch so that you’ll appear taller and with more confidence. Don’t cross your arms or close your hands as these actions may let you appear defensive.

  1. Storytelling Shot

This is the part where you’re going to present your personality. So, post a photo that best describes who you are and what you love to do. You can include photos of you doing your favorite activities or hobbies. Doing this will make dating easier and help you attract the girls from China smoothly.

With these 3 photos, online dating for singles would become easier and more effective. Just go natural and be genuine with your profile and with your interactions. Authenticity is the best way to capture the best match. The right person will be attracted to your personality above all else.asian girls


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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