How Can Philippine Girls Make Age Gaps in Relationships Work

In a recent survey conducted by the Social Weather Station, many Philippines girls are split on the idea of large age gaps in couples. Around 50% have said that they believe age matters while only 41% believe it doesn’t, and 9% are undecided on the matter.

The survey shows that a lot of Philippine men, both young and old, are more inclined to the belief that it does matter although only by a small margin. Meanwhile, the same survey shows that more than half of Philippine women believe that age matters.

Nevertheless, you can see a lot of them dating older men, with some having age gaps as large as 10+ years. Why is that? What are the challenges they face? More importantly, how do they make it work?

Philippine women seeking American men

Large Age Gaps and Statistics

According to a popular 2014 study from Emory University, couples with significant age gaps are more likely to separate eventually compared to those who are closer in age. This study showed that with a 5-year gap, a couple has an 18% chance of divorcing which can jump to 39% with a 10-year gap and 95% with 20.

In short, the larger the gap, the more likely they are to go their separate ways.

If that’s the case, then why go for it at all?

Why do Filipinas look for older partners?

In Philippines dating, most women look for one thing in common – maturity. It has been theorized that men tend to look for younger women while women have a tendency to fall for older men.

This is called the Age Differential Effect. According to this theory, men seek vitality and fertility whereas women seek security and stability.

Most Philippino girls are taught by their parents from early childhood that the men are the ones meant to provide for their families. This could be one reason why many Filipinas are looking for an older and more mature partner.

Philippine singles

Filipinas in dating

Many Philippine singles nowadays use social media to look for a date or even a partner. These can be seen by the increasing number of online dating accounts of Filipinas.

How are Filipinas when it comes dating?

The typical Filipina is accommodating and cheerful but also shy. Most of the time they will give you their undivided attention. They also tend to be considerate of how you feel or think about something before they considers doing it. Last but not least, most Filipinas, even those sexy Philipino girls, are practical. They won’t ask for five-star treatment but will appreciate it nonetheless.

Challenges They Face

Like any relationship, couples with large age gaps have their own share of challenges– perhaps even more than your typical couple. So what are they?

  • The stigma

Many Philippine girls deal with the stigma that comes with significantly older partners. Many think that they have “daddy issues”, are “gold-diggers”, or simply want a “sugar daddy” who can provide for their needs.

  • Difference in values

Large gaps can mean that you and your partner have different values or perspectives when it comes to certain things like family, finances, culture, etc. This can cause friction between you and your partner.

  • Difference in interests

Of course, a large gap can also mean that you and your partner have different interests. While you may have some common ones, a large age gap can mean your partner has already moved on from that type of interest. This can end up affecting your compatibility.

Making the age gap work

Nowadays, having a partner that is way older or younger than you can be considered a common occurrence. There are more and more Philippine women seeking American men who are above their age group.

However, this kind of relationships is not exempted from the usual challenges and difficulties that a common couple might encounter in a relationship.

The age gap in a relationship can cause a lot of difficulties, but, like any other relationship, the couple can work it out. Here are some of the things you need to make your relationship work, whether it has a large age gap or not.

  • Compatibility

Of course, every couple needs this. Having common interests and strong compatibility with each other cannot be missing in relationships, large age gap or no. Common interests can make you forget about the large age gap.

  • Ability to Compromise

Knowing how to compromise when the occasion calls for it is something that every couple should know how to do. Every relationship requires a give and take, romantic or otherwise. Learning how to compromise when you need to will make your relationship grow stronger.

  • Ability to Communicate with Each Other

Communication is key to any successful relationship. Clear and active communication will allow you to talk about any issues you might be facing and clear out any misunderstandings that can lead to potential breakups.


Although many in the Philippines consider age as a large factor in the success of relationships, especially Philippine brides, plenty of them still enter relationships with significantly older men. This is because many of them value maturity and wisdom in their partners.

Because as the saying goes, “with age comes wisdom.”

Another potential reason why these women search for older partners is the value they place on stability and security– things which an older, more established life partner will be able to provide for them and their families.


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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