How soon does dating with Asian girls become an exclusive relationship for you?

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A couple of months ago, Google conducted a consumer survey through Mic. It involved more than three thousand people. The survey covered the subject of dating and the time period involved among the users of dating sites, particularly those that involved Asian girls. It revealed that a common timetable for consideration of turning a casual date into an exclusive one in terms of a relationship required at least a month of dating. 45% of the users of sites involving dating Chinese women said that it took them less than three weeks to turn their dating into an exclusive affair while 28% told them that it took them almost a couple of months before committing and making the relationship a serious one.

Many people may think that the period of one month may sound puzzlingly short when it comes to dating Asian beauties but it certainly shows that times have changed, and perhaps for the better. What took six months previously is now taking place in less than a month. Some years ago, it took couples almost half a year to study each other and change their casual relationship into a serious or a long-lasting one.

So, what is it that helps turn one month of about six dates with beautiful Chinese girls turn a relationship into an exclusive one? The survey has gone deep into studying dating rituals that would have to take place for daters to consider their relationship an exclusive one.

Online dating women generally start by attending many social activities together with their partners. In the world of Chinese online dating, people do spend much time speaking with each other online even before they decide to meet. You have to remember that your dating does not get serious until you see your partner in the flesh and have a meeting with her, face-to-face.

The next ritual when you are dating a pretty Chinese woman is connected with the hanging out with her friends. This is a sure indication when you go to parties and other events and meet the friends of your partner that she is fully confident of being seen with and around you. This is also a signal that she is now not available in her social group to other men.

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Hot sexy Chinese girls also like their partners to hang out more with their family members. This ritual is actually a stage that signifies a litmus test of your relationship. When you hang out within her family, chances are good that the relationship is as good as an exclusive one.

The next ritual is buying gifts for pretty Chinese girls and this one is also quite high on that survey list as a signal for turning the relationship into an exclusive one. This applies more to men when they buy their girls a gift. They are more likely to be serious about their partners.

Hot sexy Chinese girlsThe last ritual to deem a dating relationship an exclusive one is an important one involves sexual intimacy. Sex is regarded as a serious barometer for turning the relationship into a serious one. As per the survey by Google and Time Out, people think about asking for sex and love making after four initial dates. Experienced people who browse dating chat sites have revealed that they are willing to kiss and have sex with their partners after five meetings. The more people engage in intimate behavior with their partners, ranging from kissing to casual love making, the more likely they will be in forming meaningful relationships. There is scientific evidence which suggests that increased levels of physical bonding triggers the oxytocic hormone and this hormone is significant in creating early feelings of loving and caring. These are very important factors in the creation of long-term relationships.

Hence, after about six dates and a month of spending time with each other, spending time with your dating partners translates into a significant investment and this is the time where most couples start assessing about turning their relationships into exclusive ones.single women online


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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