July 6, 2022


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How To Celebrate Lunar New Year With Thai Women

Chinese Lunar New Year is also a big celebration in Thailand. Read on to learn how to celebrate this grand festival with Thai women!

Since there is a massive population of Chinese in Thailand, it is not surprising that Chinese New Year a.k.a. Lunar New Year is a also big celebration in this country. Therefore, it is a great time to celebrate it with Thai women.

Various communities celebrate together, break bread, and wish blessings to each other in the coming year. You will also see streets with beautiful bright red paper lantern decorations and dragon dancers. Continue reading to learn more about the ways Lunar New Year is celebrated with Thai brides for you.

Lunar New Year In Thailand

Similar to other countries that celebrate New Year’s Day on January 1st, a lunar calendar is used to calculate the Lunar New Year. It normally happens in January or February every year. In 2022, it will be celebrated on February 1st. It is also known as the Spring Festival, which signals the start of a new Chinese Zodiac year. For 2022, it is the year of the tiger.

This is a big commercial festival because malls and shops offer many deals. You will see large discounts, special activities such as giving free feng shui advice, and promotions for 3 days. Small businesses such as street shops and vendors also have huge sales. This is the ideal time to purchase a traditional Chinese fan or sophisticated Chinese souvenirs when you meet Thai mail order brides.

How Lunar New Year Is Celebrated With Sexy Thai Women

Lunar New Year is celebrated for 2 to 3 days. Even though it is not declared a national holiday in Thailand, it is a big celebration since over 7 million Chinese reside there. Families are together for 7 days, and they remember their ancestors. Moreover, many people go to China and other Southeastern countries to celebrate the festival with their families during this time.

Here are some ways Thai women celebrate the Lunar New Year:

  • Temple Visit
Thai people visit the temple in Lunar New Year.

You will see a lot of Thai girls in temples and shrines praying for a bountiful new year. Chinese also have a custom of giving red envelopes, lai see, or ang-pao to their family members. These red envelopes have trinkets or money in them.

  • Watch Performances
Lion Dance Acrobats Performance

You will see many dragon dancers, acrobats, and food stalls in the afternoon. The performance is amazing because they spin on almost 40 feet tall poles and create big human pyramids. Therefore, this is a great time to bring your date from Thai women dating sites.

  • Wear Red Clothing
Thai beauties in red clothing

Red is associated with the Lunar New Year. That is why many people wear red clothes and put red decorations such as lanterns, Chinese calligraphy banners, and posters days before the celebration. You will likely see oranges, tangerines, and other dried fruits when dating Thai girl and visiting her house. People also offer something and light firecrackers to scare Nien, a mythical beast from a legend. He is believed to ransack homes on the night of a New Year.

  • Stay At Home
People stay at home in Lunar New Year.

On the day of the New Year, it is customary to stay at home gathering together with the families. It is also believed that people should not argue, use sharp objects, or do house chores during this day to ensure that good fortune comes. People in Thailand also make many traditional food. However, some food such as tofu are not eaten since they are believed to bring bad luck.

  • Go to The Lantern Festival
Lantern Festival in Bangkok

There is a Lantern Festival on the last day of the New year celebration. People put up beautifully-made Chinese paper lanterns in their homes. What makes the New Year more beautiful are the street flights in red. The Lantern Festival usually happens on the first full moon of the Lunar New Year.

In Thailand dating, you will realize how much the Thais have happily accepted this celebration. Thai princesses can be seen giving respect and praying for a bountiful year at shrines each year.

Places You Can Visit To Celebrate Lunar New Year In Thailand

Here are the top places in Thailand where you can celebrate the Lunar New Year:

  • Yaowarat, Bangkok
Yaowarat, Bangkok

Though it is celebrated in many parts of Thailand, this is where the biggest Lunar New Year celebration is because this is Bangkok’s Chinatown. This is one of the most famous places to enjoy the festival, and many major roads are closed from traffic. These roads have a lot of people, so you and your date can feel the energy from the crowd. You will also sense a community while you have fun.

  • Phuket

It is in Thalang Road, Phang Nga Road, and Dibuk Road in Phuket, where you can enjoy the Lunar New Year. All the tourists in the area celebrate it, so you will see a lot of beach parties days before the New Year.

  • Warorot Market, Chiang Mai
Warorot Market in Chiang Mai

Suppose you opt to have a more relaxing Lunar New Year celebration. In that case, it is highly recommended to visit Chiang Mai, which is a historic town. You will see many souvenirs and food shops on the streets. You should prepare yourself to walk a lot and try foods specially made for this celebration.


Finally, you understand how Lunar New Year is celebrated in Thailand when you go out with Thailand women during this time. Because of the huge crowds, it is safe to say that it is indeed a big and popular celebration. If you plan to go to the country, it is highly recommended to book your flights and accommodations in advance. If you want to experience the festivities, you should wear red and bring a jacket. However, when choosing your outfit, you should consider the Sino-Thai community and make sure not to offend them.