How to Deal with Being Ghosted by Chinese Girls Online

Men and women, even Chinese girls, experience being ghosted on. What’s ghosting? Well, it’s when someone suddenly and abruptly disappears from a person’s life without the courtesy of a call, text, or even a note. It’s a very common thing in the online dating world of today. However, it’s not only found solely in the dating world anymore. It’s also a common phenomenon now in professional and social settings.

The steadily rising increase in popularity of Chinese dating sites such as  alongside the tech advancements in electronic communications have made it extremely easy to both make and break connections on a whim. With that said, ghosting is not as simple a phenomenon as most people think. It can sometimes get a bit complex. Read on and know the reason behind it.

Common Reasons Why People Ghost

A girl will ghost you for so many different reasons. Each of them will often vary in complexity. Below are just a couple of the common reasons why they’d abruptly leave:

  • Chinese dating sitesTo Avoid Conflict and Confrontation– We’re naturally instinctively social beings as humans, and when any sort of social relationship is disrupted, be it good or bad, that can negatively impact one’s quality of life. This is what results in the feeling of being more comfortable severing ties with someone rather than have to face the potential resistance or conflict with them.
  • Fear– A majority of humankind fears the unknown. It’s hardwired into us. The decision to end it may simply be because one is scared of how the other will react to the breakup or is scared of having to experience new things.
  • Lack of Consequences– If you just met some Chinese women looking for men the other day, then there’s a high chance you’ll have nothing at stake because you probably don’t have a lot in common by then. So, it is safer to say that this can make it pretty easy to walk out. Many ghosts because they feel like there are no consequences.

How Do You Deal with Ghosting?

If you’re here, then probably you’re already doing something to try and deal with ghosting. Nonetheless, below are some activities that are specifically designed to help those in this situation.

  1. Acknowledging It Hurts

The gorgeous Chinese girl who ghosted you might not even matter at all, but there was probably potential of the relationship blossoming, maybe there were feelings of being exposed or misled, or maybe it was just all for fun. Maybe you dated the Chinese girl for marriage in the first place but it’s not working out. Whatever the case, the sudden destruction of that potential coupled with the rupture of your own feelings will often hurt way more than losing the actual person themselves. Don’t fight it. It’s fine. It’s meant to hurt that way. The first step to moving forward is recognizing and accepting the pain.

  1. Setting A Time Limit for The Other Person

If you’ve not been contacted by the Chinese lady for a long while and are sick of waiting, you might want to start by considering giving them an ultimatum. For instance, you can text asking them to call or send you a message in the next few days or so, and if they don’t, then assume they’re done with the relationship. For some, this can seem very harsh; however, not only can it allow one to get back lost feelings of both power and control, but it can also provide closure as well.Chinese women looking for men

  1. Concentrating On Self-Care

Start taking care of your body and mind. Several studies have found that doing the basics such as getting enough sleep, getting some exercise, and eating well is key to managing any psychic pain. Mind and body workouts like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness can help lower one’s stress hormone levels. However, that’s not all. They can also reduce emotional and physical strain as well as prevent emotional pain by altering the neural paths that cause it. It’s not the best time to mingle with more Chinese girls to date until you are completely over it.

  1. Don’t Use Substance Abuse to “Treat” The Feeling

Avoid using alcohol, drugs, or other quick and easy highs to numb the pain. This will only end up hurting you even more. These quick fixes don’t last, and more often than not, you’ll find yourself dealing with these feelings at a later date more convenient to you which should not be the case.

  1. Talk Therapy

Chinese women

Try as much as you can to talk about what you’re going through after dating Chinese ladies and then got ghosted. Studies have shown that feelings and thoughts put into words can help alter brain patterns which, in turn, can help when processing painful experiences and when trying to get out of a difficult rut. Talking about things will give you that release you need at this point. This is, in fact, why talk therapy is so effective. Use your family and friends as sounding boards if you can. This will help alleviate a lot of your pain.


Top Chinese dating sites can either be one of the best places of meeting Chinese women or equally the worst. It all just depends on how you take them on. Online dating, in general, is the same way. There’s a high chance you’ll probably experience some ghosting on your search to find that special someone. Nevertheless, don’t let this get you to bum out and down with yourself. Ghosting happens to every one of us, don’t take it personally. Just pick yourself up as fast as you can and keep it moving. Hopefully, this article has shown you how to do exactly that.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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