How to Differentiate between Infatuation and Love when you are Dating Asian Girls?

When you are dating Asian girls, it is not an easy task for you to define your romantic feelings after you start to get to know your dating partner. Many people think that infatuation is perhaps part of loving and that both infatuation and love complement each other. It is not the case. When you get some experience after you date Asian girls, you will realise that these two cannot coexist. You have to be careful when you get convinced that you are probably in love with someone amazing on Asian beauties dating site and that you cannot stop thinking about your date. The truth of the matter is that on many occasions, the intensity that follows after you really like someone is not a feeling of love but it is infatuation, to begin with. There are certain ways that can help tell you the difference between infatuation and love when you start dating.

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The common scenario in real life is that when you are dating Asian women, you would like to have some fun first. You would also like to keep yourself open so that you can date other petite Asian women. There is also a possibility that when you are dating, you would like to be with a girl and try to keep her attention but it may happen that you decide that you cannot stay too long with that girl because you feel that she may not be right for you. Insecurities and fears may come to the fore in your short relationship and you will have to do a reality check after few months have passed. This is the main difference between infatuation and love.

Infatuation starts off with an intense feeling that you may have developed for a perfect Asian girl. It will happen when you get attracted to that girl’s appearance and would like to lust after her, sexually. You have to remember that infatuation can happen very early on in a dating relationship and people like to be obsessive about each other during this initial phase. When you become infatuated, you will see your Asian date online through glasses which are rose-coloured based on your assumptions and imagination about that girl. You will have a tendency of putting that girl on some pedestal and you do not acknowledge her for who she really may be. There is a chance that both the partners may behave irrationally and get caught up in their feelings of what they think love is and they are far from reality.

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When you are pursuing fine Asian girls, you can be conscious that infatuation with any girl may happen instantly while falling in love will be a slow and a gradual process. While infatuation usually craves for physical affection from your partner, love will need a deeper kind of connection with her. While infatuation may be short-lived, it is love that makes a relationship with your date last longer. You also have to remember when dating an exotic Asian woman that infatuation between partners involves many ulterior motives while love brings out genuine intentions.

When you are dating an Asian beauty woman, infatuation will bring out jealousy and obsession in your character but love for her will bring out trust and understanding. You will realise it sooner or later that infatuation will make you selfish and will drain you while love will energize you while making you kind at heart. Love is always built on a very strong foundation and when you are in love, your best version of inner you will come out in your relationship and your dating partner will begin to appreciate and accept your qualities as well your differences.


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