How to Show Affection When Dating Mature Chinese Women If It Doesn’t Come naturally?

If you’re lucky to date mature Chinese women, you need to know that showing affection is an integral part of a relationship with a woman who wants to be reminded that she’s loved and appreciated.

As much as you love and care for your girlfriend, it’s not always easy to show affection. And it’s perfectly normal. For many people, intimacy doesn’t always come naturally. When dating Asian beauties, many men are clueless about how to show affection.

However, it’s essential to show your affection – and know how to do it properly – to keep your relationship strong.

It might seem obvious to you that you love and care for your girlfriend, but how are beautiful mature Chinese women supposed to know that you love them if you don’t make any gestures or anything that shows your affection?Chinese ladies looking for love

Why Should You Show Affection?

The importance of showing affection in a romantic relationship cannot and shouldn’t be overstated. Some men show more affection than necessary when dating good looking Chinese girls, while others just get used to their partner and stop giving them any signs of affection.

Showing affection to your partner is important not only to keep your relationship healthy and strong, but also because doing so releases the feel-good hormones and even lowers your blood pressure, according to science.

Never assume that your partner knows how you feel about them if you want your relationship to prosper for years to come.

Some people tend to think that affection can be shown only when you make epic gestures like spreading rose petals all over the bathroom floor, decorating your house for a romantic candlelit dinner, or doing anything super romantic and sweet that your partner doesn’t expect.

In reality, even small gestures such as making your partner coffee and bringing it to them to the bed counts as a gesture of affection, which, according to this study, is associated with higher relationship satisfaction.

How to Show Affection?

“Okay, but what shows of affection do Chinese and Japanese women prefer?” some of you might wonder. We’ve prepared a list of the things and gestures that you can do to show affection in a relationship with mature Chinese ladies.

#1 Learn Her Love Language

mature Chinese ladies

As you may or may not know, everyone has their own love language. The mere fact that you know this and are eager to learn what your partner’s love language is can already qualify as a show of affection.

There are five love languages through which we show and receive love. These include acts of service, gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time together.

#2 Talk to Her

When was the last time you and your girlfriend discussed your feelings or talked the way you used to talk when you first started dating? There are so many intimidate details to share with one another, so many things to tell, so many feelings to reveal.

Even if you think that you know everything about your partner, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to discuss. Communication is something American and Western men are good at, which is why Chinese women looking for American men expect that in a relationship.

#3 Spend Time with Her

Just because you and your girlfriend share one bed doesn’t count as “spending time” with her. We’re talking about spending quality time together. Yes, we all have busy lives, but she might think there is a lack of affection in your relationship if you never have time for her.

Find the time to cuddle together, to talk, or go for a walk in the park. Dedicating your time to her is showing affection. While there is no magic formula as to how much time you should spend with your partner to show your affection, there are studies that can help you find the right balance.

#4 Pay More Attention

With so much social media, TV, and the Internet surrounding us, it can be extremely easy to get distracted and stop paying attention when you need to.

You can show your affection by doing something as simple as turning off your phone when you’re together. You being fully present and seizing the moment with her is hot, and she’ll definitely appreciate it.

#5 Support Her

Philippine Women,Philippino girl,Chinese ladies looking for love are also looking for someone who can support them and, when necessary, offer his shoulder to rely on.

Cheering your partner on and supporting her when she’s trying something new in her career or lifestyle is in itself showing affection.

#6 Touch Her More Frequently

Touching is the cornerstone of a healthy romantic relationship. However, for some people touching doesn’t come naturally, especially if they’ve been together for a while.

Even small touches like holding hands, rubbing her shoulders after a tough day, and wrapping your arm around her back can make a difference.

#7 Cuddle with Her

When was the last time you and your girlfriend actually cuddled and forgot everything while holding tight to one another? These are the moments that show affection even more than words do.

Yes, as your relationship progresses and years go by, cuddling becomes less “important,” but it shouldn’t be this way.

#8 Kiss Her

The same can be said about kissing.

Even those 1-second kisses matter. Even kissing her on the forehead can show that you appreciate being with her. Kissing doesn’t necessarily have to lead to something more intimate all the time. You should kiss her to keep that spark alive.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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