August 13, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

How to show the hottest Chinese girls you care with more than just words

The hottest Chinese girls can be very affectionate and sensitive. Like most types of women, they want to feel loved. Just saying ‘I love you’ may not achieve that. To profoundly feel love, action and gestures are required. Chinese women will react far more happily to actions that express love far more than just empty words.  This article looks at ways of expressing love without just repeating the same platitudes over and over.

Be thoughtful

If you want a Chinese wife that is happy then she needs to feel secure. It is very important to always have her in mind when planning your time. By thinking to yourself ‘what do Chinese women like, and in particular your girlfriend, you will be able to express love by doing things that will please her. However, don’t do the same thing over and over just because it worked the first time. Life is a natural path of progression for everyone and truly caring about someone is understanding how they are changing and constantly trying to adapt in order to help them grow.Chinese women

Be affectionate

Not all human contact with your partner has to be sexual. An Asian Chinese girl will highly appreciate platonic sensuality like caring hugs, kisses on the cheek and holding hands when walking down the street. Don’t assume that every time you touch it means that it should lead to sex. A recent study suggested that we all need an average of at least 30 minutes of human contact a day in order to feel loved and secure. Touching is not just about how to seduce a Chinese woman, it’s about showing affection and feeling an unspeakable bond of love and harmony.

Be supportive

Chinese brides will have their own ambitions in life.  Whether or not you share those, it’s important to be supportive. This is one of the ultimate ways to show that you love someone. It reveals a willingness to be absolutely selfless in order to help your partner achieve goals that will make them feel happy and satisfied in life. This will certainly not go unnoticed and being supportive will draw you closer to your partner. She will appreciate how your influence has helped to make her a better person.Chinese mail order brides

Be spontaneous

If you’ve managed to nail the above three suggestions, then doing something spontaneous for your girlfriend should not be too hard to plan. Think about what she likes doing, going to the cinema or escaping on weekend city breaks for instance and surprise her in this way. This shows how much you care and will certainly elevate feelings of love between you.

Be respectful

Many men have degraded themselves to the level of buying Chinese mail order brides. This is slavery and funds the shady and heartless operations of human trafficking.  No relationship can be built on respect and equality if it has been bought.  Chinese girls, like any girls, need to feel like they have a more profound value than just money. By monetizing their existence, it objectifies them in the most horrific of ways.  Don’t do it! It will never evolve into true love.

Don’t make comparisons

Thinking about things like Korean vs Chinese women will not help your relationship. If you have chosen to commit to one person in particular, then there is absolutely no point comparing them to anyone else. You should focus on them and what you can do to help them grow as a person. If you are comparing them to other women, then you’re obviously not satisfied. Girls are generally very perceptive and intuitive. If you’re constantly making comparisons, even just in your head, then they will notice and won’t feel loved.asian girls