August 13, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Impress Asia Girls With Your Gentleman Gestures

Asia girls are not so easy to approach and start a conversation with. The fact that it is not easy, doesn´t make it impossible either! These are the best tips to speak to the Asian girl that you like, like a gentleman does it. Read, learn, apply and succeed!

Face to face approach

For all of us growing in an era in which you had to call the girl you liked home and hope her dad wouldn´t pick up, this is the approach we have been applying for the longest time. These things have changed drastically, but for some Asian women are still very difficult to approach because they seem so far from our cultural standards. Good news is that there are many types of Asian girls and they are all very different from each other. Some of them are more into socializing with men from other cultures and others are a little more close-minded. This difference is clearly recognizable from the body language. If she has an inviting attitude you can take a step forward, but if she shows signs of an uninviting attitude, then you should refrain from doing it.

types of Asian girls

  • Your smile is your presentation card –The importance of your smile is not to be underrated. A smiling man is a confident man, who is certain of his convictions and goes after them. You want to give her exactly that image, so even if you are with one of the best looking Asian women you´ve ever met, just keep your smile on and it will be fine.
  • Give her compliments –This is a tricky one, because you need to give her just the right amount. If it is too much or too little, you´ll be sounding like a pusher or like you don´t like her enough. Also, stay away from the tried-and-true, cheesy comments and try to be creative, spontaneous and real.
  • Use a good starting line – This is crucial, and will grant or forbid access to a conversation with this lady. Again, in this initial moment just be creative and yourself; if you make her laugh, it is even better!
  • Watch the moment – The right moment to start a conversation with a lady you like a lot is the moment she is not surrounded by friends and having a good time. Timing plays a big part in this!

This is the approach for those of us who actually think of going up to someone and talking to her in a random situation, keep reading for the social media part.

Social Media approach

For most people, this is the easiest way to go in approaching a girl they like. It is a little easier to do it when you are a simple icon in a screen and not looking into her eyes. Also, the internet is sometimes the most suitable to find girls because they are not as common in your area. For example, when Asian girlfriend dating, most people utilize this approach because otherwise they are very difficult to find. Here are some of the tips you need to be successful when approaching an Asian girl on Social Media.

looking Asian women

  • Don´t send her a cold message – When looking for Asian girls online, you have to be very careful not to send her a cold message. She might think you are just a random stalker and close the door to knowing more about you. Go through her profile, see what she likes and then talk to her about that.
  • Avoid speaking about pictures – This is crucial, because there has been a lot of cases of social media harassment that have started exactly like that. Making comments about her profile is to mention and talk about the things she likes and not about her pictures in summer wearing her bikini. Dig a little deeper and be authentic, remember that there are no second chances for a good first impression.
  • Don´t use closed questions – If you are looking for an Asian girl on social media or Asian mail order brides, you must always remember that the idea is listening to her speak and learning more about who she is. In all cases, women like a man who can listen and remember and talk back.
  • Be yourself –This is another huge one especially on Social Media, even exotic Asian girls will smell fake from a mile away. Besides, your Facebook, Instagram or any other Social Media profile shouts very loud who you are. Whatever you say or do, just don´t forget to be who you are at all times.


Whichever approach you prefer in this day and age, dominant Asian women generally like men who stand up for what they believe and want and go for it. Speaking to the girl you like, like gentlemen do is easy to do, all really need to do is to have the courage needed to walk up (or send a DM) to the person you like and follow carefully all the tips we just deployed above. With these women, you have to take special care not to make the mistakes many people make and be successful in your mission to have an Asian bride. Gentlemen like you and I know that a girl likes to be treated right, so let´s do it from moment zero, starting today!asian girls