August 13, 2022

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Interesting Facts About Dating Vietnam Brides

Vietnam brides are known for their mesmerizing beauties. However, there is so much more to them than just their looks, making her more captivating.

Many Vietnam wives choose to become mail-order brides. These are ladies who are looking for a potential romantic match with foreign men. Although being a mail-order bride used to have a bad reputation, it is now more common and widely accepted thanks to changing views and opinions on interracial marriage.

Are you interested in further information about Vietnamese wives? If yes, then you have come to the right page. This article has everything that you need to know about these attractive ladies.

Vietnamese beauties

Uncovering the Real Beauty of Vietnamese Women

At first glance, you can immediately say that Vietnam brides are super attractive. But, it’s not only because of their physical appearance but also because of their personalities.

When looking at hot Vietnamese women, you will immediately notice their shiny raven hair. Most of them like keeping it looking for a more feminine look, but plenty of them also prefer an edgier look with short hair.

The average height of Vietnamese women is around 153 cm. They are not very tall, but this gives them a charming petite build. Pair with their smooth, fair skin; they are indeed excellent beauties.

There’s no denying that the physical appearance of sexy Vietnamese women will catch your eye. But, what will make you more interested in them is their feisty characters.

Vietnamese women are very caring and loving. Many of them have an innate motherly attitude. However, this does not mean that they are pushovers because they can also be strong and resilient when times are tough.

Polygamy: Is It Possible to Have Multiple Vietnamese Wives?

In Vietnam, Hmong people practiced Polygamy in the past, allowing them to marry multiple Vietnamese wives at once. However, that is not the case anymore in modern times.

Vietnam marriage laws were changed in the 1950s, specifically stating that Polygamy is a crime. It also stipulated a lengthy prison sentence as a form of punishment for those who commit this offense.

Today, Vietnam marriage culture strictly adheres to monogamy, just like most parts of the world. This means that you can only have one wife.

hot Vietnamese brides

Reasons Why Vietnam Girls Choose to Marry Foreigners

There are many reasons why Vietnam girls are accepting of the idea of marrying foreign men. Some of these reasons include the following:

A survey revealed that 6 out 10 Vietnamese women experienced one or more forms of domestic abuse. This means that they could either have been victims of economic violence, emotional abuse, sexual assault, and other controlling behaviors from male partners.

This is only the number that has been reported. This means that there are probably even more victims out there.

Although Vietnam has made efforts to reduce gender inequality, it is still very evident in their culture. They value men more than women, which is why men have better access to opportunities. Even in homes, a traditional Vietnam girl should be submissive to men in her household.

Because of this, many Vietnamese women prefer to marry foreign men, especially those who are from western countries. This is because they are more tolerant of women being independent. In fact, many western men support women trying to push boundaries for them to improve themselves.

Making a living in Vietnam is very challenging compared to how it is in western countries. Even if they do have a job, the wages are not enough to live a decent and comfortable lifestyle. This is why a lot of Vietnamese girls would prefer foreign men.

Vietnamese Women: Who Are They Interested In?

Many Vietnamese Women prefer men from the Asian Four Dragons. These are those who are from Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong. There are also plenty of them who are interested in men from European countries and from the United States.

If you notice, most of the men they prefer are foreigners. This is because of the following reasons:

Vietnamese women for marriage prefer men from first world countries mainly because they treat women better. In the Vietnamese dating scene, women are expected to be submissive to their male partners. As a result, they cannot freely express their own opinions or do what they want to do without any repercussions from their partners or from the society as a whole.

Vietnam has made efforts to improve gender equality in their country. However, they are still far behind because there’s still an existing gap between men and women.

However, that isn’t the case with men from first world countries. They are already accustomed to the idea that women are able to do what men can as well. This means that there is lesser chances of discrimination and maltreatment due to gender.

When looking for marriage prospects, many Vietnamese women prefer men from first world countries because they can provide better access to opportunities. This means that if ever they do get married and have kids, their children won’t have problems getting quality education or healthcare unlike in Vietnam.

Must-do When Marrying a Vietnamese Woman

Congratulations, you are marrying a Vietnamese woman soon. However, are you aware of the things to prepare and do before the wedding?

These are some of the Vietnamese marriage traditions that you should know about:

Vietnamese women have a special bond with their parents. They are considered as treasure to some extent. This is why before popping the question or getting married, you must ask their permission first to ensure that the process is smooth sailing. If you don’t get their blessing, the Vietnamese woman might be hesitant to take the next step with you.

Vietnamese weddings must be held on an auspicious date. To do this, the couple and the parents usually go to the temple to find the date based on various factors such as birth date, Chinese zodiac sign, time, and element.

Moreover, Vietnamese marriage traditions include a formal engagement ceremony called Dam Hoi. This is when the groom and his family ask the bride’s family for permission to get married. It’s also the formal introduction of both sides of the family with each other.

In Vietnamese culture, elders are very important. The official way to celebrate them is after the wedding ceremony where you have to serve them tea. This means if the bride has plenty of elders such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles, the wedding reception might take a while.

Although you might not be able to do all of these traditions with your Vietnamese bride who you met online, being able to meet halfway is a good start. Most importantly, you should treat your Vietnamese Woman well,and discuss all these things at the beginning of the wedding preparation process to avoid misunderstanding.

Viet Dating Online: What are the Benefits?

One of the best ways to meet amazing Viet ladies is through Vietnamese dating sites. In the past, online dating sites have had a bad reputation because of their association with scams and catfishing scandals. However, things have changed, and these sites are a lot safer, reducing the risks for scams.

Furthermore, online dating Vietnamese women have plenty of benefits which include:

Dating, in general, requires a lot of effort even before you get into an official relationship. You have to travel and spend money and time just to know a lady. Sure, plenty of ladies are worth it, but unfortunately, some are just a waste of time.

But, that is not the case with online dating Vietnamese women. With online dating, you can connect and talk with Vietnamese ladies in the comforts of your home.

There’s a diverse pool of girls on Vietnamese dating sites. This can significantly help increase your chances of finding a good match. Most importantly, you know that you are on the same page with these ladies in terms of intentions. This is because online dating sites usually indicate whether they are looking for flings or long-term relationships.

Online dating is also a cost-effective way of Vietnam dating. You don’t have to pay for expensive airfare and accommodation to meet girls you are not sure about.

Final Thoughts About Vietnam Brides

Vietnamese brides are very attractive because they are physically beautiful and they have amazing personalities. The best way to meet them is through Vietnamese dating sites since it’s convenient, cost-effective, and there are plenty of options for you.

There you have it; those are the important things to know about Vietnam wives. Hopefully, this article will be helpful in your journey of finding the one.