Is sex an abomination in China?

Sex to many races means different thing; to Americans it is a show of affection, to Europeans it is a way of life, to Africans, it is tradition but to Chinese girls especially those brought up in the traditional way, it means more.

Sex is a sacred thing to do in China and unless a girl really has feelings for you and probably looking up to you as a husband, there is just no way she would give you her body. Because of this believe too, casual sex is very low when compared to what happens in Europe and America where sex can easily be sort of showing affection.

Chinese ladiesIt is possible to have sex on the first date in other parts of the world but not in China. Moreover, Chinese girls are very shy and getting them to talk about their sexual affiliation, their wants and how they so desire to be loved may be extremely difficult. You are welcomed to try but keep in mind to take it slow or you may lose her entirely.

Men who are not in tune with this tradition, especially those from other parts of the world often take this to mean that sex is an abomination in China. Mind you, if you are patient and persevering enough to break the silence of beautiful Chinese women, what you would learn would definitely shock you.

Behind those beautiful round face and innocent looks of Asian brides lies an ocean of pleasure waiting to be explored. Soft and fragile as they seem, so also they can be loud and satisfying when they get down to the main action of lovemaking. Those that have recorded success in bedding a Chinese lady would definitely tell you there is nothing better.

Don’t get annoyed of frustrated if sexy Chinese women turn down your offer for sex. This does not mean that you are ugly or that she doesn’t like you. She is just playing along with an age long tradition. If you so desire to, then you must show her you are more than a one-night-stand person. Show her you are serious about making her you wife and your odds will get a spike.

However, this tradition is changing especially with the influence of western countries. Chinese brides often travel to Europe and America for various reasons including for studies. While there, they pick up some of these western cultures and bring them back home. Also, westerners often invade major cities in China and inject into them their norms and believe.

beautiful Chinese womenAs of now, the sacredness of sex is fast losing its grip on the major cities in China such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Ladies in these regions will more easily succumb to casual sex than those at the interior and outskirts where the culture still thrives strongly. However, that doesn’t mean that it is still easy to get them to warm your bed.

Another innate factor that makes sex difficult to get from Chinese ladies is the fact that they are shy. Westernized or not, civilized or not, shyness is an inborn trait that may be hard to erase from the mind of any Asian lady and this has to do entirely with the environment.

Generally, in China, girls are believed and trained to be gentle and subject to men and this mentality grows with them so that no matter the amount of external influence they are subjected to, this innate factor tends to remain and hold strong. This is not much of a disadvantage because it makes them good mothers and eliminates any possibility of them cheating on their husbands.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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