Life-Changing Love Realizations to Understand Before Loving Chinese Girls

Life-Changing Love Realizations to Understand Before Loving Chinese Girls

Love is something that everybody wants and needs, but it’s not something that everybody understands. It won’t happen just because you’re attracted to Chinese girls or that you think they’re amazing. While those can help, there are other realizations about it that need to be understood before properly falling in love. They’re as follows:

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1. Love has no reason

Oftentimes, people feel the need to rationalize love. They find logic. They try to see reasons. What many people ought to understand is that love has no reason. No one falls in love with someone just because of reasons that are right in front of their eyes. Just like no one stays in love with someone for reasons they have found in their time.

Many people might ask why you’ve fallen in love with a girl from a China dating site or why of all the women, she is the one you chose to be with. You don’t owe them that. If you can answer it, well and good. If you can’t just because you have fallen in love, know that it’s also alright.

2. Love is a choice

Having said that – love has no reason – it’s also important to understand that love is created, and it’s a choice. Yes, you do not always find the reason why you have fallen in love with this Chinese girl date of yours, but you get to create it and make a choice. True and lasting love does not just fall onto someone’s lap. It takes hard work and continuous effort; most of all, it takes choosing your partner each and every time.

3. It’s okay for love to be a habit

Love is very exciting, especially in the beginning. However, that will not always be the case. Love, in a way, becomes a habit, and that’s okay. It’s okay to have a routine that both of you are comfortable and familiar with. It’s okay to know what comes next. It’s okay to unconsciously do small things again and again. In fact, when love reaches that stage, it is when it’s more beautiful. Imagine being so in tune with the girl you met from the best Chinese dating site that things just come naturally to both of you.

4. Everyone has his/her own love language

People have different ways of showing their love. Beautiful Chinese women may have a different way of showing their love from the way you know how to show yours. This is why you must learn your partner’s love language. Understand it in the same way you want yours to be understood.

5. Love only happens when you have your truth

What does it mean to have your truth? What does it have to do with dating in China and Chinese women? Knowing your truth means that you know and understand your complexities. You know what you want and you know what you’re willing to do to get it. You know your limitations and your weaknesses as well as you know the beautiful things about you.

When you know all these, you know your truth, and only when you know your truth can you ever really able to find true love. Knowing your truth helps in handling romantic relationships the best way you can.

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6. Loving yourself opens doors for people loving you

Once you know yourself, you must learn to love it – every bit of it. Yes, love is about giving. It’s about finding that happiness when you give love to other people, or specifically to that Chinese lady looking for a husband. It does not, however, mean that you will drain yourself empty of love.

As the saying goes – you can’t pour from an empty cup. You have to be able to truly love yourself first before loving another human being. A healthy romantic relationship is more than just love. It also takes respect, and you can’t get that if you don’t love yourself.

7. There’s love, and there’s the idea of love

Sometimes, people fall in love because they fell in love with the idea of love. They meet Chinese women, and then they get overwhelmed with all of it. All of us need to know the difference. We have to ask ourselves, “Is it this beautiful being in front of me what I want, or is it the idea of being with one?”

One of the ways to figure it out is to know that when you love someone, you love everything about them – the good, the bad, and the unknown. It’s not the future you’re looking at because what’s in front of you is exactly what you want and all you’ll ever want.

8. Romantic love paves the way to committed love

What is the difference between committed love and romantic love? Romantic love is what you feel in the beginning. The butterflies in your stomach, the swooning, the giddy feeling – all those are part of romantic love. Then, your love falls into a habit. What happens then to your romantic love? It turns into committed love.

Committed love is when there’s a conscious choice to have a normal life with your woman. It’s when you look forward to your mundane life together. It’s not about meeting hot Chinese girls and being adventurous with them anymore. It’s about being and choosing to be with only one yet feeling the satisfaction of being with a thousand.

Final Thoughts

The concept of love will always sound so simple, but it is anything but. Thus, it’s important to understand as much about it as you can. Only then will you ever be truly in love.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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