Make the “dry texting” interesting in Chinese dating

Chinese dating is not such a difficult endeavor once you know the correct ways to approach her. The one thing that most men complain about in this sense is the dry texting, the stone-cold responses they get to their messages from the other side. Read on, understand the causes and be ready to be successful when dating these women.

What is dry texting?

Whenever you are dating a beautiful Chinese girl, you´ll realize there are several differences between the ways she texts and the ways you do it. When we speak about dry texting, we speak about one-to-two-words responses that come to your phone after you´ve initiated the talk. For example, the word “OK” or even worse, the letter k by itself might be the only thing you get as a response to a text with a clear conversational intention. This is dry texting and it is one of those things that can really put you off from someone.

Of course that it is important to understand that texting often confuses people´s intentions because there is no context to judge them by; she might be busy and answers you with a “k” instead of leaving you with a read which is many times worse. Expect a meaningful text some days after you´ve sent yours and got a stone-cold response or understand the difference between too busy and not interested.beautiful Chinese girl

Why does she do it?

Chinese women are very different in their idiosyncrasy from most women you´ve met before. She comes from a country populated by 1.3 billion people and that is a definite game-changer. Chinese people are used to being in a rush and pushing around is a common thing; it is definitely a very busy country. To the question “why does she do it?” we can find several answers:

  • She is too busyIf you are texting someone that you know that is a busy woman (high position in a company or a big family or simply a million friends), you can expect her to answer to you as one. If she is interested in you, she´ll make it up later.
  • She is too lazySome people are just not into typing in the little keyboard of their phones for too long and find it better to send short answers. Try a phone call or an audio message, she might feel more comfortable with it.
  • She is just not that into youOne of the things to bear in mind when you think about how to get a Chinese girlfriend is that not all of them are going to like you back. It is a fact of life that us, men, have to cope with: not every woman is going to like you back. It is not the end of the world, you just might have to keep on looking.

Is it you or is it her?

Especially when speaking about young Chinese girls you have to understand that they are more prone to send audio clips than they are to send written messages. The answer to this question can turn out to be quite tricky and even change within a couple of weeks. If she is giving you some stone-cold answers, don´t be that guy that freezes the conversation, try to send her an audio clip or even call her. Sometimes, though, she will not react to any strategy, but until you don´t try them all you don´t know if it´s you or her.

how to get a Chinese girlfriend

Traditional Chinese woman texting etiquette

Whether you want to find Chinese ladies for marriage or just want to have fun, these etiquette rules are very important.

Don´t be a haste

Beware of the content of your messages, she comes from a radically different culture than yours and will not react the same way to certain queues. Avoid all kinds of sexual content even if she is interested in you; they are shy and much disciplined and not used to doing it.

More smileys

One of the first rules of etiquette in how to date a Chinese woman is to add more smileys to your messages. A simple emoji can really change the character and the acceptance of your messaging. Add them to the texts that you send to her and await a more relaxed response to your attempts.

Not fluent in Chinese?

Chinese is not an easy language and can take you to a million misunderstandings when you are not fluent. She will definitely be fluent at it and although she will surely appreciate your effort, it might be confusing and bothering her. Communicate in English, it´ll be much better.

Honesty wins the game

If there is one thing that a Chinese girl loves is a man who is honest about his intentions and not afraid of communicating them. Don´t use double-sense sentences and be plain and clear with your words, she will definitely love you for it.


When you make the decision to meet Chinese singles, you have to be ready to go into a different culture and get immersed in it. These women have their own rules and tastes when it comes to texting and also when it comes to relating to the opposite sex. Follow these tips and text straight to her heart, you won´t regret it.asian girls


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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