July 6, 2022


International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Making a good first impression is the backbone of every relationship

The first few minutes you talk with someone for the first time may define what they will feel about you for the rest of their lives. The situation is the same when you are seriously into Asian dating. Making a good first impression for your China women date is not as hard as it may seem and the instructions below can show you how.

Your appearance will speak for you first

Chinese girls loveYour appearance will be your first judge when you are approaching beautiful Chinese women. Asian women are sucker for men who have a good sense of fashion; a well-pressed dark leather tuxedo with high shoulders. If you have been wondering why pretty China girls fail to give you attention when you walk up to them, then you may think seriously about reviewing your wardrobe – maybe your clothes are speaking to tem before you.

The tone of your voice has to be even

A tone that goes to high is often interpreted by dating China women as a sign of arrogance or anxiety. A tone that is too low is not good either. In fact, it is worse. A tone that is too low is interpreted as a sign of cowardice – one of the greatest flaws that a China woman dating for the first time may refuse to accept. Keep your tone even when you talk and if need be, know when to use either of the two extremes. This part of juggling tones may sound strange to many men but you have to keep practicing so you don’t blow your first date. You will know a good date when the conversation flows naturally.

Never be carried away by mere pictures

When you are dating online, you may frequently get Chinese woman pics – either on random or you requested for them and they would probably request for yours too. Be polite enough to send yours across especially if you have been on the receiving end for some time. Chinese girls love to show off the pictures of their boyfriends to their girlfriends. Hence, do her the favor of looking your best in the pictures you intend to send to her.

Use and try to understand her non-verbal communication.

Chinese woman picsDifferent body postures mean different things. For example it is believed by sitting and crossing your arm over your chest is a sign that you are done with the other. Maintaining eye contact too is very important because it shows you are bold and shows you are totally locked in her.

Making the first impression online is very important

The huge population of people going into online dating is increasing the competition among men and women to get and keep a man. Currently, it almost impossible to call a girl you met online my Chinese lover after a long time of dating talk more of one that you just met for the first time because another guy may just come around and sweep her off your grip.

Do not try to be somebody else

The greatest challenge young guys have, especially those that have not been successful with dates is that they may be under pressure to try and act like their friends who have been successful. The problem with trying to mimic other people is that you will never get it correctly. Secondly, how long will you continue to try to imitate someone else. What will happen if the girl later discovers that you are not who you pose to be? The secret to a successful date is to be yourself and the people who love you for who are will definitely come around.