May 16, 2022

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The Importance of Mate Value for Chinese Dating Success

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Let us talk about mate value and how it is a significant aspect of Chinese dating. Read on to find more about this topic.

Let us talk about mate value and how it is a significant aspect of Chinese dating. Someone’s self-perceived level of desirability in terms of romance and mating is what we refer to as mate value. Numerous things go into consideration when you refer to the overall desirability level (e.g., income, age, physical attributes, and more). And why are we talking about this?

Well, this is because it’s only typical for us human beings to lean into our preferences as we choose our partners. Our interest in the opposite sex is initially based on the level of desirability they perceive.

But how do we know if we are equally desirable for them as they are to us?

Extensive studies suggest that an individual’s mating preference is often affected by the overall mate value. Not surprisingly, mate value is often subjective to the influence of cultural evolution. China has a particularly fascinating mate preference due to dramatic cultural changes over the years.

Now, the bottom line is that if you are interested in dating Chinese women, you have to understand their preferences. Then, you can improve your desirability level in line with what they consider as a high mate value.

This applies to both conventional and unconventional dating environments. So, regardless if you are looking for a woman to date on a Chinese dating site, you must picture yourself a man with a high mate value.

What is the Definition of High Mate Value in Chinese Dating Culture?

Women are complex. However, when it comes to their standards, they are often predictable. Here are the usual qualities women are looking for in a partner:

  • Maturity

There are studies conducted suggesting that women often prefer men who are older than them. It does not directly mean that women are into the age gap. A more logical definition of that is women prefer men with overall maturity.

Men who exhibit more financial independence, emotional/mental maturity, and stability tend to appear powerful and attractive for most women.

  • Character

It sounds cliche, but character has a high correlation towards attractiveness and mate value when dating a Chinese girl. There’s this Chinese study in 2014 wherein 100 young individuals were made to look at random men/women images. Each image has a personality trait description such as honesty, kindness, mean, arrogance, and more.

The results showed that the images paired with the likable personality descriptions have higher attractive ratings compared to those with negative characterizations.

It only shows how appearance is not always the basis when finding a mate.

  • Humor

Women are into men who are capable of making them laugh. It seems quite puzzling, but massive proofs are showing how generally attracted girls are to guys with a sense of humor.

  • Mindfulness

The mindfulness quality is relatively new research, but it has proven a great response from women. There’s this social research and experiment conducted wherein men answered questionnaires with a bunch of mindfulness questions.

After that, random women read the answers sheets and the general response was that mindful men were sexy and appealing.

Now, you have an idea of what specific characteristics you should improve to increase your mate value, especially when considering Chinese women dating sites.

How You Increase Your Overall Mate Value Online Chinese Dating

Increasing your overall mate value is achievable. However, the challenge lies in how you present this desirability in dating sites. How are you supposed to make yourself attractive virtually for Chinese women looking for husbands to see?

We listed some tips on how you can improve your dating profile. This way, you can show a hint of desirable personalities that women are usually looking for when checking out dating profiles.

  1. Show open body language on the images you post in your dating profile

A displayed expansive body language, even in images, looks more attractive for women. The reason is that open body language often depicts an outgoing and inviting personality which most Chinese brides love. You might now want to improve your posture and poses on your photos to have more potential dates that may someday lead to a great relationship.

  1. A psychology study suggests red is an attractive color

There was cross-cultural research conducted with combined participants from China, the US, England, and Germany. These women had to choose the men they think are attractive.

The result was fascinating because the majority of those men considered attractive were wearing a red shirt. It’s interesting to know that at some point, individuals are not even aware that their choices and attractiveness perception can be influenced by clothing and colors.

You have nothing to lose. You could at least try wearing something red on your dating profile. However, you don’t overdo it.

  1. Present yourself as someone with high status

If you are looking for a potential Chinese wife on dating sites, you should present yourself with capacity. Introducing yourself with a high status does not necessarily mean you should be wealthy.

It means you must ooze a responsible, career-driven personality in your profile. A man that looks independent and mature has a high attractiveness rate among Chinese ladies.

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It’s interesting to find unique and lovely personalities in one virtual channel. However, if you want a serious relationship with any women you meet on a Chinese mail order brides websites, prove yourself worthy as much as they do. That way, you both could establish a connection that could one day lead to a happy ending. Because, at the end of the day, having someone is a bliss.