Myths about Asian women and western men–Thai girls want you to hear them out

According to a research conducted by an American dating site: among the inter-racial dating, white men are the most popular, while Asian women get most suitors. The result is not surprising at all. Asian women are known as tender and delicate, no wonder men of all the races want to date Asian women. What’s more, Asian women are born with the mysterious charisma. You can never figure them out. Are Asian women the same as you think they are? Let’s hear out 4 Thai girls.

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Asian women are easy

Hathai is a 23-year-old Thai girl who lives in Bangkok. As a millennial Hathai is more open minded to cross-cultural relationship. She has dated a French before. She had a profile on “meet my Thai girls, a Thai dating site, back then. She says that most western men think that Asian women are easy. “What a joke” Hathai laughed, “Asian women are women too. This makes them not different from any woman in this world.” On street of Bangkok you can see so many Thai hot girls. If you pick up one of them, the chance of getting rejected is as same as you are in New York.

Asian women make better wives

“If the only value you see in a woman is being a wife and a mother. You won’t get any luck in dating Thailand ladies.” says Anong, a beautiful Thai girl who work as a general manager in advertising firm. Most Thai girls in big cities go to university and are well educated. Getting married is not their primary goal any more. Being financially independent gives mature Thai girls more options. Getting married becomes a choice but not a solution. “Surely I still want to meet the love of my life and build up a family with him. But I’m not desperate.” Anong added.

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Asian women age much more slowly

“That’s absolutely true!” smiled Rudee. Rudee is a single mom of a 6-year-old boy. You can never guess her age if she doesn’t tell you. When you see the mature Thai women pics you will be surprised how hard it it to guess their ages. Asian women age very slowly because of the different eating habit. Asian cuisine is lighter, that’s why most Asian women are slender even the senior ladies. Rudee says Asians don’t like sun-bath, especially women protect their skin from sunshine during summer. That slows down the aging. Of course gene plays a major role.

Asian women are innocent and submissive

This is more imagination than prejudice. Men who still think that all Asian women are innocent and submissive are those who have never dated Asian women. The personalities in women are based on their backgrounds and experience, not where they are originally from. There are many exotic Thai girls who take control and also lots of strong women who are sophisticated and life experienced.


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