New Asian Dating Terms Used During The COVID-19 Pandemic

New Asian Dating Terms Used During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The emergence of COVID-19 has surely changed so many landscapes in almost all aspects (including Asian dating) of our everyday lives. The impact is so big in Asia that it even alters the concepts for a side hustle, dependence on online shopping, and even the Asian dating scene. In this article, we will be talking about how the pandemic brought changes on how to date an Asian girl.

Effects Of Pandemic on Asian Dating

The ongoing pandemic had forced many countries to implement lockdown during the first half of 2020. All unauthorized personnel were mandated not to step outside their current location until the exponential increase of positive cases subsided. During that time, people began to depend on digital services both for entertainment and for running errands.

It was not a surprise that many couples experienced having a long-distance relationship or LDR. Social media platforms offering video call services were the most used feature by couples. But for Asian singles, the need for someone to flirt or date while being mandated to stay at home had brought out the creativity in them.

Chatting and SMS messaging became so useful for flirting, and neighbors suddenly began to appear attractive. With a lot of time being unproductive, many ideas can pop into someone’s head easily. The increase of digital exchanges and exploration of possibilities has brought many dating terms, which can be uniquely applied while the pandemic is ongoing.

New Terms in Asian Dating

Now, countries are entering the ‘new normal’ and have made more concrete protocols in handling COVID-19 cases. However, physical dating is still limited, and the dating concepts sprouted during the lockdown are still being carried out. Here are 13 new dating terms from those dating concepts that most people are using in creating or sharing their relationship:

beautiful Asian

1.Antibody Girl (or Boy)

Definition: It refers to a person taking advantage of the need for COVID-19 antibodies to secure more matches on online dating platforms.

Example: “Take a look at this beautiful Asian. She’s so fine that she doesn’t need to become an antibody girl.”


Definition: It is a variation of the term ‘friend-zoned’ but instead, it describes a situation where a person avoids hooking up with you, as she fears she will catch the virus from you.

Example: “I wondered at first if I sent something offensive to her. I reviewed the conversation, and I realized I was already Corona-zoned.”


Definition: It is a divorce wherein the pandemic’s stressful situations influence the cause of separation. This situation can be due to discovering many irreconcilable differences, incompetence in making ways for surviving, succumbing to temptation, and many more. The term can also be used on divorce that is not COVID-19-related but happened during this pandemic.

Example: “Recent Asian brides need to be careful with covidivorce because it is becoming a real threat nowadays.”


Definition: It describes a person’s quality to be considered a dating prospect during this pandemic.

Example: “Do you remember that girl I’ve met through an Asian wife finder website? We met yesterday, and it turns out she is really COVID-worthy.”

5.Ex Text
Definition: It is a text message from an ex-lover hoping to reach out for reconciliation or cure for boredom or loneliness, only because of the pandemic’s pressure.


Example: “I don’t know what I did, but it turns out I’ve sent an ex text to you. I was hoping we could get back together again.”

6.Pandemic pickup lines

Definition: They are the pickup lines, with themes related to the pandemic, which are being used as openers in chat messaging.

Example: “I’m starting to think that these Pandemic pickup lines are the ones to blame for my dry spell.”

7.Quarantine and chill

Definition: This is a variation of the popular phrase ‘Netflix and chill’. The original term is intended for a person seemingly-innocently inviting the partner to watch Netflix at home with hopes of getting hooked up on that same occasion. The pandemic version aims to persuade the partner to come to the house and enjoy activities developed during quarantine with, all the while, having plans to get hooked up later on.

Example: “Hello there, neighbor! Are you busy? If you wouldn’t mind, we can hang out in my place for quarantine and chill. Are you okay with that?”

8.Quarantine bae

Definition: This refers to a person with a tentative relationship wherein it can be serious, flirting only or exclusively for hooking up. The relationship exists during the periods where lockdowns and home quarantines are taking effect, and the possibility of lasting long after the pandemic is not clarified or arranged to be none.

Example: “Check out this girl I’ve met on an Asian bride online website. I’m thinking of making her my quarantine bae for the meantime.”

9.Turbo relationship

Definition: The term describes a normal relationship being sped up due to the impacts of COVID-19. A serious relationship that exists for a couple of months, wherein the couple is living under one roof during the pandemic, might feel like years because of unexpected constant interaction and cohabitation. It can also describe a relationship, wherein the individuals are just neighbors, that is established so fast from the first time of getting acquainted due to seeing each other always.

Example: “It’s just been a few weeks since my Asian wife and I had settled down before the lockdown started, but now, it feels like we’ve been married for years and learned a lot from each other. It’s like our marriage during this pandemic is a turbo relationship.”

10.Virtual date

Definition: This is a normal video call with the partner using Zoom, FaceTime, or other video calling platforms wherein a romantic date is held.

Example: “We worked out our relationship because every day, we make time to secure a virtual date.”


Definition: It is a term used to describe the act of getting dumped via Zoom or any video calling platforms.

Example: “Don’t feel down after getting Zumped. There are plenty of Asian girls out there for the taking.”


Who knows how long hot Asian women will casually use these terms. We hope not for too long for their usage to signify that this pandemic might last for more than a year or longer. Don’t be discouraged being alone in this pandemic, for the dating scene is very much lively, thanks to the numerous online platforms.


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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