Precautionary Steps To Avoid Flirting Disasters in Chinese Dating

In the fabulous Chinese dating world, you can easily strike out long before the game ever begins. Flirting with women from China and dating them is extremely different than that of Western women. If you attempt to use the same dating techniques that are your strong suits in the States, be prepared to be dining for 1 a lot while on your trip abroad in China.

The good news is that history, luck and culture are all on your side. Typically, Chinese women love to date Westerners. Some of this stems from social media, some from strong family values, but a lot of it also stems from young women growing up watching older, American romance movies. These movies depict a fairytale-like hero winning the day for his lady love, and this is what all women are dreaming of too, their Western Prince Charming.

However, before you can win the heart of your lady love, take precautionary steps not to make these Flirting Disasters that can ruin your chances for dating a Chinese woman.

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Exaggerating the Truths

While social status is ultimately an important factor in Chinese culture, do not feel like you have to over exaggerate about yourself to impress young Chinese girls. Not all men HAVE to be rich and handsome; more important is that you are at least self-supportive, will be a good provider, are kind and a good and caring companion.

The smaller gestures like doing something for their family is a far greater gift than an expensive bouquet of flowers. Being a good conversationalist and paying attention to her needs will also win you major brownie points. Too often, men think only about themselves in this misogynistic society; be the one who’s different and make a lasting impression.

Misconception of Heritage

  • All Asians are the same

The quickest way to show and prove your ignorance is in assuming that all Asians are the same. Each Asian country has its own, proud, singular culture.

It is a high insult to assume that Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, etc. people are all the same. Each has their own histories, languages, politics, belief systems, and yes dating practices. Whereas Chinese mail order brides have been a historical phenomenon, one doesn’t hear the same about a Korean bride because history has determined it.

  • Misconceptions or ignorance of political situations and the Chinese government

Surprisingly one of the biggest gamed enders between Chinese and Western relationships is the lack of knowledge or sensitivity from Westerners about the Chinese government. Many Westerners are in the dark about the state of current Chinese political affairs, which in the long run displays a lack of sensitivity because this is the pretty Chinese ladies’ homeland. The political events that occur there ultimately affect her; show respect by being up on the current political times.

  • young Chinese girlsImportance of Family

The biggest mistake any Westerner can make when it comes to dating a Chinese woman is undervaluing or depreciating the importance of family among the Chinese culture. For there to be any kind of success or long-term dating history, you must gain the family’s support. Especially among the traditional Chinese girl, the opinion of the parents and even the sibling are sacred and taken very seriously when considering whom to date.

Cocky vs. Confidence

Having confidence is a highly attractive characteristic that cute Chinese women seek in their mates. In this highly male-dominated society, men are taught to be strong, smart, supportive, providers to their mates.  Women are taught to appreciate this quiet assuredness and value their “providing” male.

However, some Westerners don’t understand the rather large differences in confidence and cocky. Cockiness is an overbearing, loud, obnoxious form of overzealous, over-confident bragging and is simply not attractive in any county, especially when attempting to first win the attention of another.

Amount of Communication

On the other side of the globe, the Western world has semi-strict rules about how to play the dating game especially when it comes to communicating with each other. For example, if a man likes a girl and gets her number, he is supposed to wait at least two days before calling her, or else he appears to desperate. In Western culture, there are all these “understood” communication innuendos that couples follow that will fail you miserably should you try to employ them when attempting to flirt and date a Chinese woman.

Chinese woman is very personal, so if you have received a personal text with your Chinese beauties photos, start considering yourselves dating and up your communication game. When dating, even in the beginning, it is not uncommon to communicate 10+ times a day all before dinner time. While this may be a big faux pas in the US, it is a standard Chinese dating practice. So, understanding the rules of the communication game has changed on this side of the map may be your biggest asset.


For centuries, Westerners have sought the companionship of these women for their mates. Every international online dating site has hundreds of sexy Chinese girls pics solely for the purpose of encouraging men to seek what they desire. Relationships between Westerners and Chinese girls have been and can be successful; however, to be truly successful in your flirting and dating quest we feel that our compiled list will be a fail-safe guide to keep you on the winning team.asian girls


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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