July 6, 2022


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Pros and Cons of First Dates on Chinese Dating Sites during COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 locked us in our houses this year but it can’t keep our hearts locked. Read on to find out pros and cons of first date on Chinese dating sites.

COVID-19 locked us in our houses this year but it can’t keep our hearts locked. People keep looking for soul mates on Chinese dating sites; perhaps more than ever! It is in human nature to crave attention and love so we cannot help but wonder is this the right time for first dates? In person, it totally isn’t! We should all stay responsible and respect the social distance. However, nothing stops us from having first dates online. There are pros and cons of virtual first dates that you should read before having one.

Pros of an Online First Date

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  1. No Awkwardness

Awkwardness is the biggest enemy of first dates. It makes both people on a date think “what am I doing here?” and “I just wanna go home”. It is difficult to break the ice and get comfortable with someone new. You don’t know what to talk about or how to behave so you tend to act like a complete different person. On a Chinese dating site, that will not happen! You can be more relaxed while talking over the internet and you can take time to respond. That way, you won’t say silly things that you don’t mean and you won’t have to worry about your body language. Simply go with the flow and keep the conversation going spontaneously.

  1. Better Time Arrangement

Dating Chinese women is stress free. They are very easy to get along and make plans with. If you are thinking of your first date online, it will be simple to organize it. You don’t have any limited time; you don’t have to book a table at the restaurant or wear a face mask when you go out. Simply turn your camera on and talk whenever you want while staying responsible! It will be easy to match each other’s schedule and find time to chat. If this date happened in the “real world”, you would need at least 30 minutes to get ready, another 30 to drive to the place where you will meet, then look for a place to have a drink, etc. All those things are time consuming. Virtually, you can just skip all that and talk all the time!

  1. Getting Close Quickly

You will get close to Chinese women online much quicker than you would do offline. Everyone is more open and relaxed while texting or talking over the phone. In person, we get more insecure and it takes more time to open up. When you are dating a Chinese girl over the internet, you will connect to her quickly. Then, you will talk about deeper, personal things and your bond will strengthen immensely. Relationships escalate rapidly online as they are very intense and emotional. There are less barriers and more feelings, which makes them so special.

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Cons of an Online First Date

  1. Disappointment

If you expect too much (too soon), you can get disappointed. Perhaps you can see a photo of a Chinese girl that mesmerizes you. You may even think that you fell in love before talking to her! However, once you arrange the first date and you see each other on camera, there is a chance that you won’t feel any strong connection. Your expectations will already be too high and that’s when you will get disappointed. To avoid that, do not expect too much before the actual first date. It takes more than a beautiful photo for two people to bond.

  1. Uncertain Future

Chinese women dating sites are typically full of users that want serious relationships. They don’t register out of boredom; they actually want to meet their soulmates. Sometimes, people get so excited about that idea without realizing that things can get complicated unexpectedly. If you meet a girl online, you need to slow down with plans of the future. First, you must be sure that you two are a great match. Going through good and bad times together will help you see it. Only after that, you can start thinking of the future. Frequently, online couples fall madly in love but they don’t end up together. Many times, these users get tired of distance between them two and decide to let the relationship fade away. For that reason, it’s important to stay grounded and not rush.

  1. Requires Effort

To maintain the bond strong and make someone your future Chinese bride, you need to stay connected to your girl. You cannot simply go out and do things without talking too much; chatting is what keeps your relationship going! Over time, you won’t have to think of new topics; they will come alone as you will be comfortable with each other. However, you will always need to be attentive, thoughtful and work on your relationship. To be good at Chinese dating, you must be consistent. Don’t give up too quickly as the rewards for your efforts will be amazing. You will have a lifetime partner that you can share everything with. If you manage to keep your relationship strong while being miles away, imagine how strong it will be when you get together in person. Keep yourself motivated!