Questions Pretty Asian Girls Refrain To Entertain – The Ultimate List

Pretty Asian girls are tired of hearing the same lines from all the people who comes up to talk to them. We have compiled the ultimate list of things you shouldn´t say to a lovely Asian woman. Read all of these forbidden statements and questions and remember them next time you interact with an Asian woman; you are more likely to be successful.

But from which country in Asia are you from?

This is the first and most important forbidden statement that you can´t say to lovely Asian women. Asia is a very big continent in which many countries coexist with diverse cultures and histories. Also, many people emigrated from Asia to other parts of the world and hence, the answer can end up being your same city. Not all people who look Asian were born in Asia or live in Asia; be cautious with this one.lovely Asian women

So, you´re great at martial arts?

Assuming that all Asian people are good in martial arts is like thinking that every blonde person is German. You can meet a blonde Asian girl the same way you can meet an Asian who haven´t ever practiced Karate or anything like it. Preconceptions are a way of stereotyping other people and that is almost always offensive and/or has a negative effect on other people. Avoid assuming this and ask instead.

Where did you learn English so well?

There is another preconception about Asian people and that is that they only speak their mother tongue. Most Asian people learn foreign languages, especially in English in their own country. If you are chatting with Asian girls for example on online dating sites, make sure you never say something like this. If her English is great and is her second language, then let her know she´s done a great job. Make sure you don´t sound surprised, it should be more of a compliment.

It´s that Asian look the same!

This is a huge NO-NO when looking for Asian wife or even speaking to Asian women! Asian don´t look the same, they all look very different, it´s just that you are not used to it. For an Asian person, maybe every European looks the same. It is not a nice or polite comment to make and it is not funny either. Try to avoid this comment in any version, because it can seriously be the last thing you say to her.

looking for Asian wife

How do you say that in your language?

Cultural differences are great and beautiful and are mostly fun to teach someone else to say something in your language. That being said, it is important, when you talk to cute Asian ladies in English that it might be their first language. If English is not their main language, then it is even more important, because she is making an effort and speaking your language. To show more respect, you might want to seriously learn some basics in her language rather than laughing at how words sound when she speaks in it.

Say hello with “Ni Hao” to everyone

Not all Asians are Chinese; it is the most populated country in the world with 1.3 billion people, but that doesn´t mean every Asian is Chinese. When looking for Asian women bear this in mind because for some other countries, it might be an offense. Also, Asian-descendants who might be living in the same country that you are might take it in a bad way. Leave that Chinese hello for the moment you are sure, it could be a great ice breaker with a Chinese girl.

Shall we order rice?

Not all Asian foods are based on rice; Asian cuisine is among the most diverse and tasty in the world. Assuming that because someone looks Asian loves rice is a preconception and a stereotype. If you are going out with young cute Asian girls just try to avoid going into this cliché. As a side note, don´t offer her to go have Sushi every time you go out just because she´s Asian, sushi is Japanese and it has reached the rest of the world in many forms. Not all Asian people like or eat sushi; it is rarer to find it in Thailand than to find it in your city maybe.

Are you great at math and computers?

This is a huge stereotype created by the movie industry that has gone so deep into people´s minds that it is something most think. Not because the nerds depicted in Hollywood movies were Asian, all Asians are nerds. There are Asian rock stars, sports stars, psychologists, doctors, and many other professions too. Yes, Asian countries are leading the technology revolution of the world, but it doesn´t mean each of them is a techy person.


Most men are captivated by beautiful Asian women images because of their tenderness and soft ways. Nowadays, it is possible to meet them online in most chatting rooms and also social media. If you are lucky enough to hook up with a beautiful Asian woman, there won´t be two chances to make a great first impression. By avoiding these common-place things and clichés, you´ll make sure that your chances of succeeding are not null. Stay in the right track and get her attention the right way; just avoid saying all these forbidden questions and making these odd comments.


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