Shy & Sexy Asian Brides: Check Out This Single Chinese Girl

It makes sense why millions of foreign men want to date Asian brides: they are cute, smart, shy, yet sexy and super beautiful, all at the same time. Although many can’t tell the difference between Chinese women vs Japanese women, dating Chinese ladies is becoming more popular than ever before.

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And you know what it means: there’s fierce competition to date Chinese females on the best online dating sites such as AsiaMe.

We know that you’re interested in dating Chinese ladies (otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this), and we know that searching for single Asian brides on Chinese dating sites can be quite time-consuming and exhausting.

So we found this special Chinese girl named Qian, who is currently single and has an active dating profile on AsiaMe. Since shyness and sexiness are the two most desired characteristics of Asian women, we’re pretty sure that there’s no one better than Qian in that regard.

You can spend countless hours on those popular online dating sites, but you will most likely not find a Chinese girl who meets the description “shy and sexy” better than Qian. Bonus points for guys who like sunrises and sunsets, as Qian is a very romantic person.

As cliché as it may sound, but you can actually make Qian happy just by taking her for a long walk by a lake or ocean, full of effortless conversations, laughter, hug, and sharing intimate thoughts. Most guys who look for Asian girls online want to meet Chinese women who are young, which is also one of the reasons why we picked Qian.

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Qian is only 20 years old, but she assures you that she’s already a mature and intelligent lady. Qian has varied interests, and you will never be bored around her nor will you ever wonder how to spend a day with her. She loves to swim, ride bikes, and go camping, among other things.

Other times, she also likes to stay at home and spend quality time with her family and friends. If you’re the kind of guy who can steal a girl’s heart by sending her music and audio tracks, rejoice! Because Qian likes music of different genres.

Chinese females

Bonus points for animal lovers. If you have a dog and plenty of photos to share, prepare to melt Qian’s heart because she’s an absolute dog lover. “Affectionate” and “understanding.” That’s how Qian describes herself to further convince you that dating her will be the best thing that’s going to happen in your life.

To prove her point, Qian even uploaded a video of herself, in which she unveils her shyness and sexiness at the same time. If you thought these two qualities could not co-exist, we suggest you go watch the video right now! On the video sexy China girl poses in a short blue dress and an oversized white shirt.

If you’re a fan of white shirts, now you can find out how Qian will look like first thing in the morning wearing your shirt and kissing you on the lips. We’re pretty sure that you will make a great couple, you and Qian. And that’s exactly why we’re sharing her AsiaMe profile personally with you.

It’s your lucky day, and it’s about to get even better when you send Qian a message and get a response from her. We’ll leave it up to you. If you want to look for other Asian brides, go browse AsiaMe, one of the best online dating sites out there, to find true love.single women online


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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