Signs to Spot You Are Dating Codependent Vietnamese Women

If you’re dating Vietnamese women or are planning to find a girlfriend from Vietnam or other Asian countries, then you’ve most likely heard about the struggle of being in a relationship with a codependent partner. Relationship experts unanimously agree that maintaining the balance between two partners and making equal efforts, and, when necessary, sacrifices, is the only way to build and maintain a healthy relationship.

Often, however, men who date hot Vietnamese girls begin to notice that their relationship becomes one-sided and imbalanced over time, which is a common sign that they’re dealing with a codependent partner.

Many bad things can be said about dating a codependent partner – it’s emotionally destructive for both partners, sacrificing too much or suppressing one’s needs is super dangerous, and all that – but how do you actually spot a codependent partner?

If you’re dating a Vietnamese girl, look for the following signs indicating that you may be in a romantic relationship with a codependent partner. If you spot any of these signs, prepare for a serious conversation with your girlfriend because she might have lost her sense of self. She’s become codependent, and this could be destroying your relationship.

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You’re Always the One Calling the Shots

If you’re the one making decisions all the time – or the vast majority of the time – you might have a problem here. If your Vietnamese girl refuses to decide on anything, including but not limited to the food you eat, the restaurant you go, the film you pick, or she makes a decision that will satisfy your needs, tastes, and interests; it could be a major sign of codependency.

If your girlfriend appears indecisive all the time, and all you can hear from her when asking questions is “I don’t know” or “You decide, I’m fine with anything that you pick,” it’s probably because she’s trying to keep you happy at the expense of her own preferences.

She Does Whatever It Takes to Please You

Another sign that your Vietnamese girlfriend is a codependent partner is if she always puts the relationship first, no matter what. In other words, if your girlfriend goes to great length to keep you satisfied and happy all the time, it’s probably because she’s codependent.

As a rule of thumb, codependent partners suffer from low self-esteem. A codependent partner always puts the relationship first and feels incomplete without a romantic relationship. As a result, they invest an incredible amount of energy and effort into their relationship and pleasing their partner even if it means that they have to ignore their own needs and interests.

As psychotherapist Linda Esposito once put it in a Psychology Today article, “a classic codependency model is the alcoholic husband and his enabling wife.”

She Avoids Conflicts and Arguments at All Cost

Although beautiful Vietnamese women are known to be calm and non-confrontational, there have to be occasional arguments every once in a while in any healthy and balanced relationship. In fact, having no arguments whatsoever could be a sign of a non-healthy relationship. LifeHack has recently cited a study that established that arguing with your partner more than once a week helps maintain a healthy flow of communication in the relationship, as absurd as it may sound to some.

Interestingly, hot Vietnamese ladies who prefer to never argue with their significant others tend to be codependent partners. A codependent partner who never argues with his or her partner avoids confrontation out of fear that disagreeing with their partner could jeopardize their relationship and disrupt stability.

That’s why it’s not uncommon for codependent partners to avoid heated and sensitive topics entirely.

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She’s Very Clingy When You’re Not Around

There are thousands of memes and jokes about the stereotypical “clingy girlfriend” who always needs to know where her boyfriend is. Turns out, that clinginess and constant urge to check in when the partners are apart is a common sign of codependency.

A codependent partner feels insecure in the relationship and thus has an uncontrollable urge to constantly check in with their partner. Although it is perfectly healthy for two loving partners to check in with one another every once in a while when they’re separated, doing so continuously all day is a sign of paranoid behavior.

If your Vietnamese lady gets mad and agitated when you do not respond to her texts ASAP, it could be because she’s either a jealous type or codependent.

What to Do if You’re Dating a Codependent Partner?

If you’ve noticed any of these four warning signs of codependency when dating hot Vietnamese women, it’s time to take action before your relationship is destroyed. The only proper way to put an end to codependency in your relationship is to have an open conversation with your partner. First and foremost, you need your partner to acknowledge the problem.

You could spark a conversation by saying something along the lines of, “I’ve noticed that you’ve been letting me make all of the decisions lately, but I’d like you to make the decision on your own, too.” Explain to her that you remember how she wasn’t afraid to express her opinion at the beginning of your relationship, and then ask her what has changed. You need to understand the root of that codependency in order to fix the problem.

Your partner needs to understand that arguing, expressing an opinion, and satisfying her own needs and interests is totally fine with you and not only will it not hurt your relationship, but will actually make you happier in the relationship.

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