Signs You’re Coming on Way Too Strong on Asian Ladies

Asian ladies are a generally attractive bunch, making more and more western men naturally drawn to them. However, how can you know you actually have a chance and what are the signs that she is just not into you?

Coming on way too strong is one of the biggest and easiest ways to turn off Asian girls, and if you are getting the following signs, chances are you might need to change your approach.

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She’ll send just the short and simple kind of responses

Southeast Asian girls don’t want to charm men whom they don’t find interesting. They, however, don’t want to be rude, so instead of not replying at all, they may just end up sending simple, short, and probably dull responses. Certainly, if she likes you, she’ll spend more time and effort in responding to you in a more spirited way.

She finds your kind of flirting too aggressive

Flirting is fun, but when you try to go overboard, you might end up ruining your chance. Gorgeous Asian girls want someone fun and exciting yet also cool and gentle. If you stay on the extreme side of aggression most of the time, flirting might no longer be enjoyable for your date.

Especially on the first few dates, focus on getting to know the beautiful Asian ladies you encounter and avoid jumping into the hard-hitting part too soon. Learn about your date’s likes and dislikes, build rapport and trust, and truly go for the personality above all else. Just try to be mysterious and practice subtle sexiness to make her want you more.

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She’ll agree on plans and then usually cancel

Once you meet Asian singles, you’ll notice they agree on plans for your next dates but then cancel the last minute. They don’t usually do this if they really are into you. If they just politely agree but then don’t follow through, chances are you’ve come on too strong and they are constantly thinking twice about spending time with you.

She feels like you’re monopolizing her time

It’s definitely great to find someone you like.  You want to be around them and easily miss them during their absence. However, don’t forget that she also has her own life and has her own set of friends and interests. If you try to demand for her time a lot, especially right in the first few days of your dating, she might think you’re coming on way too strong. If you keep doing this, she might think that you do not have a life of your own and might associate you to being needy or clingy. Asian girl stereotypes generally don’t like this type.

She thinks you’re tackling too much too soon

Though it’s totally okay, to be honest especially as soon as you start forming some sort of bond, it’s not entirely healthy to disclose vulnerabilities, secrets, or sins too soon. Your date might think of them as too much information and might just make them uncomfortable. You may tell these once you’ve connected on a really deep level already or once you’ve spent more time together, but avoid this route if you’re still starting out. If you’re looking for Asian brides, put your best foot forward and avoid things that might just send them away.

She notices you’re defining the relationship too soon

Planning your wedding right on the first date is never a good idea. I mean, yes it does sound committed, but since you’re still in the getting-to-know phase, just tone things down to a friendlier manner. Fresh and new relationships are fun, and it’s not really nice to sound like you’re forcing it to be a long-term romance. Otherwise, your date might just freak out. Saying “I love you’ on the first date might also not be the best advice. Saying this bomb on the first date is also likely to scare girls away. Save the defining talk later once you’ve been dating for a while and follow the ideal pace.

She’ll honestly tell you that you are being too intense

If you choose profiles with mature Asian women pics and if you do date the mature kind of ladies, they might openly share with you their thoughts, no matter how blunt they may sound. A mature woman will tell you how she thinks you’re being too intense and how she needs things to ease up.

This type of girl is actually great as you can immediately know where you’re failing and thus examine your behavior accordingly. This is a nice way to improve not just as a lover but also as a person in general.

On the other hand, if your date is not telling you honestly about her thoughts and you notice some of the other signs, you can pause and then calmly ask your date: “Do you think I’m coming on too strong?”. Ask this in a sincere and curious way and see what happens next.

Avoid the signs above and see the difference. There’s power in recognizing your patterns. This is the best way to shift your approach and avoid scaring your ideal women away. Just relax and enjoy the process of letting your date get to know your genuine persona. Don’t make it too obvious that you’re a guy in pursuit. Embrace the subtle art of dating and expect a world of difference.

Not sure about Asian women? It doesn’t matter. You can meet people from other cultures. For example, a girl from Ukraine or Russia and a woman from any country in Europe.


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