Size Matters! Tips to Build Big-Sized Confidence and Make Every Woman Want You

Whether you’re married, dating someone or are looking to find girl to marry, every man wants to build high self-esteem and radiate that alpha male behavior.

You know what they say: the bigger the size, the more women love you (we’re talking about the size of your confidence!).

A rule of thumb is that a confident man with high self-esteem will always score more points from women than a man with great looks but with lack of self-confidence.

And that rule extends on women of all nationalities, including thailan women and vietnam girls. Having that high self-esteem takes a while to develop. It’s a labor of self-love and self-acceptance that serve as the foundation of high confidence.

Those guys who radiate alpha male behavior have been working on that for years. But whatexactly is their secret?single thai girls

Rule #1: Speak up!

If you want every word that comes out of your mouth to be a panty-dropped for your hot filipino girl, always speak with confidence!

Unless you want to sound like a clueless student speaking in front of the class, strike from your vocabulary such phrases as, “Um…” and “I’m not sure.”

Confident men always know what they’re talking about and never say useless things. No woman – who we know love with their ears – will want to listen to you if you can’t deliver your ideas with confidence.

Rule #2: Feed on every victory

When you’re a confident man with high self-esteem, every victory – even the smallest one – matters. In fact, it serves as the never-ending inspirational source for your confidence to feed on.

When you get excited about every victory in your life, it gives you a confidence boost that can last for weeks. You got a reply/like from one of those hot single thai girls on a dating website? Great, that’s a win.

You finished working just in time to catch your bus? A vending machine got you two snacks instead of one? Awesome, count those is victories, too!

Rule #3: Work your glutes off

Confident men exercise regularly (at least twice a week). And this doesn’t even have anything to do with the fact that vietnamese girlfriends love men who are in shape (though that helps, too).

Remember what we’ve said earlier – it’s how YOU feel about YOURSELF that matters more than how someone else sees you.

By regularly exercising, you not only rate your body image higher, but also get a significant self-esteem boost by having that endorphin-fueled positivity from physical exercise.

vietnamese girlfriends

Rule #4: Don’t seek attention

If you go on some asian women american men dating website, you’ll never see pretentious and attention-seeking men rated popular among women.

Woman are usually turned off by men who are desperate for attention and go as far as posing in front of a Lamborghini or Ferrari on their profile picture even if that’s not their car (which most of the times is the sad case).

You can be viewed much more confident and alpha male in the eyes of oriental brides if you’re simply BEING your-awesome-self rather than desperately trying to PROVE that you’re awesome.

Rule #5: Embrace your imperfections

Listen to me: you can be much more confident after you’ve embraced your imperfections rather than trying to pretend (or mask) that those imperfections don’t exist.

Do you hate the sound of your voice? Or do you think that you have a weird-looking shape of your head?

We usually make up most of our so-called imperfections in our imagination and end up suffering from lower self-esteem because of them. Now, ask yourself: Why on Earth would you do that?!

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Rule #6: Take care of self-care

This one has to do a lot with the Rule #5. Through focusing on self-care, you can divert attention from your perceived imperfections and create something in your body that you’ll be proud of and will want to show the whole world.

Listen, those filipino women for marriage that you see on dating websites are not looking for some Ryan Gosling or Zac Efron (though be sure that celebrities have their own imperfections), they’re looking for someone who’ll care for them and love them!

Do you know what the secret of Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron is? They engage in self-care. In fact, every confident man is focused on self-care: whether it’s by achieving that summer-body six-pack, investing into grooming products or buying the clothes that make you look more attractive.

Self-care means investing time and resources. But that self-care allows you to emphasize on your strength, minimize your imperfections and finally – boost your confidence.


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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