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Green Flags that Help You Know You Found a Chinese Lady Keeper

A beautiful Chinese lady is a dime a dozen and in abundance on international dating sites, and you won’t have a…

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Precautionary Steps To Avoid Flirting Disasters in Chinese Dating

In the fabulous Chinese dating world, you can easily strike out long before the game ever begins. Flirting with women from…

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Online Chinese Dating: Seven Opening Lines You Should Avoid

Chinese dating is not a hard thing to accomplish in times of internet and online dating sites. These kinds of platforms…

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First Chinese Date – What Should You Do For A Feel Good Factor?

Most first dates suck and people usually do not wish to meet each other ever again but sometimes cupid strikes,…

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Staying Sane While Chinese Chat and Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship: To China with Love

One day you found yourself in a Chinese chat room, and you spent several hours talking to this amazing Chinese woman….

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If You Are Still Single and Can’t Find a Wife, Why Not Get On a Chinese Chat?

There’s something so attractive about Chinese women that makes a western man spend the whole night browsing a Chinese chat….

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