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5 Signs That Your Chinese Date Isn’t Just a Summer Fling

If you found a Chinese date this summer and are wondering if you’re going to be with the same person in…

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Valentine’s Day ideas this year for romantic celebrations with your Chinese Beauty

There are many couples who have to go through the pangs of being at a distance from each other on…

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Are Chinese Women dating just for fun? How to tell if she really has a crush on you

Are Chines Women dating just for fun? Chinese women are notoriously difficult to read. Many who have used Chinese online dating services agree…

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Any Idea What Asian Girls Really Want You to Text About?

How great of a text mate are you? Nowadays, texting has become one of the quickest and easiest ways to…

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How to Respect Women When You Are on Asian Dating Platforms?

When you date Asian women, you may have to learn to respect them before you move on in your relationship….

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Mastering the Art of Complimenting Chinese Women when you date them

When you are dating Chinese girls, giving them relevant compliments concerning their looks or their personality would always be a good…

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