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Make the “dry texting” interesting in Chinese dating

Chinese dating is not such a difficult endeavor once you know the correct ways to approach her. The one thing that…

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Mistakes To Avoid – The Winning Formula Of The Heart Of Chinese Women

These are the absolute NOs when it comes to Chinese women and being with them. This might be an unusual article…

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5 Things that Mature Chinese Women Expect on the First Date

Imagine this: after all the searching through various mature Chinese women photos for the “perfect girl” in Chinese dating sites, you…

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Is Dating a Chinese Girl Online for You?

Online dating brings a number of perks for people who have been wanting to find love but are having a…

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7 Surprising Things That Are Killing Your Chinese Dating Marriage

In the United States and most European countries, at least 40 percent of married couples get divorced. In fact, almost 50…

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Chinese Chat Rooms: 5 Online Dating Site Perks Over a Matchmaker

Are you wondering if it’s better to participate in online Chinese chat rooms rather than hiring a Matchmaker? Have you been looking…

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