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Why Success and Status Don’t Always Matter When Dating a Chinese Girl

You might be thinking that you need to have all the success and money in the world to appear worthwhile…

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Work-Life Balance for the Modern Man Dating a Chinese Girl

In this day and age where everyone is hustling and bustling through work and life, dating a Chinese girl via a dating app had…

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Is Dating a Chinese Girl Online for You?

Online dating brings a number of perks for people who have been wanting to find love but are having a…

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Want to Be Dating a Chinese Girl? Create a Good Online Dating Profile First

If dating a Chinese girl seems like a distant and unrealistic dream, it’s probably because your online dating profile isn’t good…

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Navigating social media boundaries when you are dating a Chinese girl

When you are dating a Chinese girl and both of you are quite active on social media, it is smarter to…

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Any Idea What Asian Girls Really Want You to Text About?

How great of a text mate are you? Nowadays, texting has become one of the quickest and easiest ways to…

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