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Expert Tips by Men who Score Big Hits and Likes in Asian Dating

How can you be a successful single man on an Asian Dating site who gets most likes? Only successful men on…

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Signs You Are Ready to Date Again

Coming from a failed relationship will make you feel you are not ready to date again. However, you can’t move…

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How to use Single’s Day to find a soul mate

Black Friday and blue Monday does ring a bell right? If you are dating Chinese women, you should consider putting…

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8 Ways to gain advantage on dating Chinese women

Dating Chinese women is one thing many American men look forward to. Chinese ladies are not only beautiful but also…

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Important cultural difference that could make or mar your date

Culture is the way of life of a group of people and whether you believe it or not, Chinese women…

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Hidden rules Americans should bear in mind when dating a Chinese

Not all rules are written on black and white. Some rules wait out, hovering in the air and their subtle…

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