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Important cultural difference that could make or mar your date

Culture is the way of life of a group of people and whether you believe it or not, Chinese women…

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Hidden rules Americans should bear in mind when dating a Chinese

Not all rules are written on black and white. Some rules wait out, hovering in the air and their subtle…

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Steps to easily find the right girl on a dating website

Dating websites are filled with girls of all races and color, girls with different attitudes and desires. Finding one that…

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Is dating Chinese girls painful experience?

If you’re interested in dating Chinese women, you’ve made the right choice. Dating a Chinese girl has lots of advantages…

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Best Dating Tips and Advice for Dating Chinese Women

In the recent times, dating has become very different than how it was back in the day. When technology had…

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So I’ve heard a lot about dating Chinese women – how many of the stereotypes are true?

Dating Chinese women is a blast, let’s face it. They have a form and beauty that is unmatched in this…

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How to tell if a Chinese woman likes you

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