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Why Men Love It When Russian Ladies Make the First Move

Times have changed a lot in today’s society, especially between genders. Women, Russian ladies for example, really have come a long…

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The Chinese Beauty is Not for You? Cut a Bad Date Short with These Tips

As fun and exciting as dates are, there will be times when you just can’t help but want to cut…

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Is Height a Deciding Factor in Dating Philippines girls? What Short Guys Should Know

Darwin and other scientists would argue that biologically women are genetically wired to go after taller guys on a primeval…

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Beautiful Latina: Loving Someone You Never Met Before

Imagine yourself having an attachment to a beautiful Latina you only met on an online dating app. The first thing you…

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Five Ways Men Creep Woman Out: Avoid these Behaviors when Dating Thai Women

Do you find yourself searching Thai dating sites, hoping for possible success with online dating? Have past dating experiences or…

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How to introduce your partner to your family when you are on an Asian girls dating trip?

As the holiday season is on the way, families get together and you may want to introduce your significant other…

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