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Common online dating lies you should never fall for

Everyone lies once in a while and so do Russian women. In fact, anyone trying to dispute this fact is…

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Online Dating 101: How to get a girl’s attention with a killer first message

We’ve all heard the wise old adages about first impressions, how important they are, and science backs this up. And…

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No, you’re not 6’4: why you should avoid lying on your dating profile, and how you can avoid it

Everybody fibs. It’s just human nature. Fishermen’s tales of “the one that got away,” teen boys and their mythical summertime…

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How To Use Search Filter to Get The Best Result

If you have ever been to a Russian dating site, this would probably be the first problem you will face…

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Unravelling the mystery about Chinese and their women

There are seven different dialects of the Chinese language; Mandarin, Wu, Yue, Xiang, Min, Hakka and Gan. Of all the…

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5 Popular Questions that Bore Asian Girls

Online dating conversation usually follows the trend of question and answers which are understandable because both of you have no…

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